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10 calls a day for at least two weeks.
718 924 2796 started calling my cell phone now for the last week or so.  Today I have received over 15 calls in a period of eight hours.  This is such a bother.  How does one block a number from your cell phone?  Can anyone help?  Thanks.......
I got 6 calls today, 4 yesterday, and at LEAST one a day for the past two weeks.  I've been getting these calls on my cell phone, and my number is registered on the Do Not Call Registry.  One thing that I've done with other harassing numbers is I've created a contact in my contact list called Zzzz.  When I get these harassing calls, I add the number under that contact.  That particular contact is set up to where any calls from that contact goes directly to voice mail.  After a few more calls they realize they won't get someone to answer and they stop calling.  This number makes the 5th one under that contact, and the other four no longer call my phone.  For those able to do this with their phones, it is worth doing to stop the calls.
Constant hang up calls from 718-924-2796 with no caller ID shown? They are utilizing a computer controlled automatic dialing robot from a out going only hard line in NYC….and how does it feel to be just another victim?IMPORTANT: those who are foolish enough to return the call are then abused with a standard verbal sucker spam "Get rich at home" message. Be aware the scum get paid for every "incoming call" / commission from calling tens of thousands of victims nationwide, and there luxury life style and income is being paid by YOU! This is really nothing more than a spin off old phone sex chat line program that bills YOU via YOUR phone carrier directly.WARNING: Everybody needs to check their cell phone charges AND land line added charges / fee's very carefully!  You may have also noted the "DO NOT CALL" list will NOT stop them. Did you know that Sprint, Verizon & AT&T also get a piece of the action. It also makes it easy for the scum to just pick up a new number and start all over again. Don't bother waiting for some TV investigative journalist to become interested enough to look into the matter. While this may provide good TV entertainment for sponsors ratings, it is not really a solution.PROFILE: Such New York phone scams are usually operated by a typical low life types, including, but not limited to: Low income tattoo x-convict types who enjoy dope, nice luxury cars (that working people cannot afford), and playing with guns. The more organized scum also use such "off the books" (non recorded profits) to purchase things THEY enjoy including, weapons for the enemy to kill our troops during war. Hello, victim, it is YOUR tax dollars that pay for FBI, ATF, DEA, IRS, NYPD, Homeland Security and so on. Most tax funded agencies have a published number, and "TIP LINE" and only need to become aware of YOUR concerns, such as a possible threat to OUR national security, tax fraud, and other evil endeavors. Remember, the feds works for YOU, not the other way around, make then earn their check. We already know the bad guys are stealing from citizens and living well. Perhaps it really is time for a change?
I think I win the contest. 10 missed calls from this number from 18:29 until 20:43. I'm going to have to call my cell phone carrier tomorrow to get this number blocked.
I have received three calls from this number just TODAY! They call every few hours, and when I answer, it hangs up.Received FIVE calls yesterday. These just started recently. I registered with the Do Not Call Registry, but I think that'll take some time to kick in. What can be done in the meantime? This is harrassment!
This pos keeps calling and using my name asking for me.... Also getting calls from a 602 number that is also a scam artist of some sort. I really want to know how these people got my number. Ridiculous.
got 11 calls from this number today! Driving me crazy i don't know anyone in NY so i have no clue why they would be calling my phone soo many times a day!  VERY annoying!
multiple calls per day.
5 calls in the last hour from this number it is gettihg very old, since thay are calling my fax, there should be some way of stoping this since I use my fax for my income, and it keeps messing my faxes up.
i get like 10 calls a day from this number. obviously its a telemarketing scam. please oh please someone blow up that company or shoot those people!!! They give out no information, but they will try and get information out of you. If you do not give out information they just hang up and call again with a different operator or telemarketer.
I keep receiving phone calls from this number and I am getting very frustrated. I consider it to be harassment as whoever it is will not stop. I know no one at this number. Furthermore, my number is put on the caller list not to be phoned. I agree, there should be a way to block them from phoning.
got 4 calls from them today, 3 yesterday and 1 the day before that, must be some way to block them from calling the house
I am receiving several calls a day from this number with no one answering. Very irritating......
please stop calling me or im getting the police!!!!!!!! he is constantly calling non stop everyday !!!!! stop it felix ceballos
After getting this call from the fiscal number for several times and letting them to go my answering machine, last time I picked the phone.after long silence (no words from none of us) I said HALOO and The man asked my name to talk...(He exactly knew my name & probably my other informations).when I agreed suddenly he hanged up!!!I really don't know what does it mean and how long this will continue... :-?
several calls a day from this number to my cell phone.  Just static, no voice.
i got a call from them a twice a day. i dont no why he is calling. if i answered the call he is not responding. im so scared because of this call. this is my first time im getting like this call. wat they want from me. why they calling without any reson.
got call from 7185427472 did not answer.   voicemail msg, there was nothing just static.  called number back get recording "this number is not in use".   what's going on?
This number calls my cell phone at least 4 times a day if not more. When aswered no one is there... how do I stop this???

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