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Reverse Phone Check:

This number calls me everyday now for the past week and does the same as the other comments. I do have a subscription to Better Homes so needless to say the subscription has been cancelled!
What a loser!Has called 2 times today, no one there (in more than 1 way!
this person has been calling wont leave message & is a constant bother
This is a telemarketing company among other things(junk calls); I found this company also under Graven Austin & Drake. They call & don't leave a message or don't answer if a male picks up the phone. I was getting calls from another phone number 719-219-0669 (Graven Austin). Called them and left a message telling them to stop calling.
so annoying in th last week we got 10 calls we called back 2 minutes after they called and the voicemail said their closed at this time.
Same here. Twice a day, hangs up when I answer.. Annoying!!!
Calls and does not leave message
We have now begun to get calls from this number.  They hang up as soon as you answer the phone.  What is the purpose of doing so?????   We don't get the Ladies Home Journel.
Same here - 2-3 times a day. If this in fact Better Homes and Garden, I am email them right now to tell them I want to cancel my subscription and want my money back if they are aware of such bulls___
called 11/25/09 trying to see a mag. these type of calls should be blockedfrom being used ....
repeated calls with hangups when I answer
Same stuff, calls once, usually twice a day.  No one there, or no message left.  Very annoying.  I finally called the number back.  Machine says it's a law firm and voice mail box is full.
Caller Gravin Austin calls and I answer and noon is there. Almost every day!
This number is driving us nuts....
This is a sales company called Graven Austin in Colorado.  To get even with them I faxed a note to them at 719-548-9225 that said, "STOP CALLING ME" with my phone number.  I did this 500 times and used op a ream of their fax paper.  Works great!
Calling repeatedly through the week. No response; just hangs up immediately. Same name: GRAVEN AUSTIN.
A phone call wanting to know if I want to continue our subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.
1, 2 times a day. No one on the other end.
Getting calls from 719-219-0669 twice a day. No one on line and they do not leave any messeges on answering machine. Filed complain with FCC.
Caller could barely speak English...said she was calling for Ladies Home Journal.  When I said i do not renew over the phone, she hung up.

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