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it is a company called Sun Tec
Getting calls from them all day. Wish I knew who it was. Not listed in white or yellow pages.
Need to find out who it is.
"Lower your interest rates" marketing scam. I've been getting calls from these people for five years, so once you are on their list, there is no end. The number changes periodically and the calls start up again. Lately it's 2-3 times a day with no one on the other end. I am on "Do Not Call" Registry, and if you report it, it stops for a few months. But they just change the number and start up again.It's no use going through their system and telling a live person to take you off their list. They actually hang up on you if you do this.These are real criminals. I listened to their pitch and it amounts to: put our $800 sign-up fee on one of your credit cards, give us ALL OF YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, and we will get all your rates lowered to less than 10%. I played along so I could report them to law enforcement. When I got their literature, I was stunned at how unprofessional and inept it was. There wasn't even a real company name and no physical address, a p.o. box! And I was supposed to give them all my credit card numbers?I called the credit card on which I put the $800 fee and reported the fraud. They canceled my card and gave me a new number. I'm sure this caused these scammers some trouble, but to my surprise, the calls started up again.From time to time I report them to the "Do Not Call" registry, and the calls stop for awhile. I just had about 3 months of peace, and they have started up again. So their scam must be working, as they operate with impunity. It is shocking and heartbreaking that a team of Americans are willing to be their employees. Can you imagine the damage they do to desperate people who think this is a way out of their credit card debt? Beware, folks. Report them to "Do Not Call" and your state's district attorney.
I keep getting calls from this number with no one on the other end. It's pissing me off and using my cell minutes!!
I'm in Canada and continue to get repeated calls from this company.  I'm on our national do not call list and I have told them not to call.Once I called back and actually got a person and questioned how they had this information about me (i.e. who I bank with, type of credit card, my name and number associated with card) and I was told that they did an Equafax check on me.  This was done WITHOUT my consent.Waiting for my Equafax check to come back so I can see who's stolen my information.  It's kinda scary.
That number has called me twice today. When I answer there is no one there, and I get a disconnect and busy signal after a few seconds. When I get these calls and do talk to someone, I quickly tell them I am on a no call list, they are breaking the law, and our Indiana Attorney General loves collecting fines from violators. They normally hang up before I can even finish my sentence.
constant calls to my cell phone ---want them to stop
They called several times during the last week and did not leave a MSG, I answered yesterday and nobody said anything.  They just called me again and said "sorry I didn't know I was calling Canada" did the area code not give that away? Then she asked if all of my credit cards were Canadian then she apologized again and hung up...weird!!!
Integrated Solutions, Erika - very rude when they actually speak - calling my work cell phone - trying to lower my interest rates on all of my credit cards for me.  Scam!
Caller ID :: CONSOLIDATE :: Scam tries to get you to put all of your bills into one "easy payment" after paying only a $119 enrollment fee. Do not answer this number!
Numerous calls at all hours of the day and "No Answer" when I pick up the reciever!Have reported to local authorities in the area code of the call.Hopefully, these calls will stop when an arrest is made!
I got a call this morning at 8:09a.m. I don't answer unidentified callers and of course they didn't leave a message.What does putting your number on a Do Not Call Registry do, if these kinds of a******* get your number and call it anyway.Then shortly after this call I got one from 205-390-9997..same messages, just annoying calls
They called at 10:45 am this morning and left a blank message. Very annoying.
Got two successive calls on my cell phone this morning at 10.05 am. They left a blank message. Very annoying! I am also on the National Do NOT CALL LIST! How can they get away with this?
Call from Florida 7275649725 -- 1 to 4 times a day this been calling ...Why??? i answer some no answer ..
I get tons of these calls from this number at all hours of the day and night from them..It is RUDE AND WASTING MY MINUTES, AND I WANT IT TO S.T.O.P...A.S.A.P.
Repeated calls from these pain in the a**es to lower interest rates.  Some scam to take a processing fee for entering you into a free Federal program (Free Obamabucks! Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmm) or get credit card numbers, however they seem to work from credit reports.  Very rude.  Total scum.

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