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FYI - don't go with debt collectors either, you can settle your own debt with your card holders.
Sorry meant debt settlement agencies
They tried to get a credit card number from me to settle a debt that I had no knowledge of...  I asked for detail and they told me out and out they couldn't provide anything other than an account number!  I'm glad I found this thread- I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many scams put there.....
i received a call from this guy named Gary Selfridge and a friend had my phone and asked him if he knew Me (scott)  and he replied rudely to my best friend, " Do YOU Know Him" which when my buddy told me this i found it extremely Rude and unprofessional if this is a legitimate call, they did not Identify who and what company they were or were affiliated with. I did not Appreciate his rudeness toward my friend and wish to no longer receive calls from these people any longer thank you
They keep calling about my half brother who I see maybe 2x a year.  I explained that I have no contact with him and only see him at family functions when I travel to Florida.  I didn't even see him this holiday because he spent it with his new wife's family.  Well he went through a nasty divorce and I guess he has some debt problems from his ex wife.  I told the operator to contact him in Florida.  I refused to give her the number and she said I was in violation of the law.  I gave her the number from his old home and the operator stated that number is no longer in service.  I told her that is the only number I have and she called me a liar.  I hung up.  Now they call every day and I keep telling them to stop and they refuse unless I help them collect this debt.  When I don't answer they leave a message stating this message is for "MY BROTHER", if you are not him please don't listen to the rest of the message.  It is annoying and I don't know what to do to get them to stop.  I block the number and within weeks a new number calls.  I can only block 12 numbers at any time.  What a mess my brother has gotten me into.
Called but no message.  Portfolio Recovery has been calling me for months based on a debt my ex-wife ran up.  I have tried to push them to go to court but they refuse.  The last time they did so, on a differnt Credit Card, I responded as required by law and they didn't pursue it because they know they will lose.  Seems they add a new number every few months.  With modern technology, I am able to forward all their numbers direct to Voice Mail (never rings), so they don't even bother leaving messages anymore.  Here are all the number I have collected:866-940-7640800-722-1413757-961-3547757-961-3548866-909-0529866-691-3568757-961-3546877-803-0008757-961-3544757-961-3545731-215-8010
I get calls all the time from them on a debt that no longer exists.  Truly love that I can just block the call and not be bothered.  Once, I took a bull horn and blasted it into the phone and hung up.  Once was good for me, kinda like in the movies. HAHA!!!  SCREW THEM - DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE!!!
They call me several times a day asking for some woman i don't even know. After I eplain they have the wrong number, another person calls a few hours later! Geez
They call on Sunday and Holidays.  Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act.  They never leave a message, and I never talk to the scum sucking bottom feeders
The scum sucking bottom feeders call several times a day, never leave a message.  They call on weekends, holidays and have even called after 900pm.  I dont talk to them since they block who is calling.  I have reported this number several times to the fcc.
These idots call 2 times a day evryday was getting cals from il now they call from this number best advice don't answer the phone.
These folks just won't give up!! Two calls from two different numbers them!!
They have called my house at least 4 times between the two diffent numbers in the last week and a half. 731-215-8010/620-662-8870What is portfolio recovery?
Another debt collector is all they are...Portfolio Recovery. If I am not mistaken, they are the company one of my old debts was sold off to from Target Corporation. I was in a Chap. 13 Bankruptcy case which was involuntarily dismissed after 2.5 years into the plan (it was to be a 5-year plan). Anyway, since the debt was "Dismissed" and not formally "Discharged" from the Chap. 13 Bankruptcy, they have since taken over said debt in an effort to collect once again.
Have called twice today. If I don't recognize the number, I do not answer. They do not leave a message.
This is Portfolio Recovery.. it's one of their many numbers.
I just recently got new phones along with my family on a new familyoriented plan and I haven't even used it to call out very many times.We just did pass around our new numbers to family and business associatesonly. I was excited to get a call and hear my new ringtone, only to hearan automated voice on the other end wanting someone I have never heard of.Press 1 if you are this person, and press 2 if you are not. I hope theyfind their (Man) soon and quit bothering everyone else.
Keep getting automated calls - only part of message left on answering machine is " 2".  With the help of this site, I found out the full name of the company and its address (Mid South Credit Bureau, Inc at 1410 Industrial Park Rd, Paris, TN 38242-6099, United States ) and phone (731) 644-9551.After getting passed around to three different people, found out they were looking for someone re debt collection. - based on my convesation with the employees and the comments here - I'm wondering about their competency.....Complained about 731-642-8454 - none of the three employees seemed to care and had a "yeah, so what - if you don't like it, tough" attitude.
731-642-8454 is a switchboard number,  they have been calling my new home phone number every morning at the same time...they just leave a message to call with a reference number, this message is automated.  I just called them would not give my name, just phone mumber and they were looking for someone else. If they call tomorrow i will be pissed. Hopefully problem solved!!!!!!!

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