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Reverse Phone Check:

Just received a call from this number and the person was accented and said "I would like to speak to the individual that is responsible for paying the electric bill." I started to tell him that this is a business number and he was trying to tell me he'll call back, but I asked him not to call back as this is a business number. Hopefully they will respect that otherwise next time I will NOT be as nice. Legit businesses should register their phone numbers and not cold call people with "not available". Shady.
This number came up on my Caller ID at 3:18 p.m. 1/20/2011 - NOT AVAILABLEI have Call Intercept on my phone which should block phone numbers like this, yet it still came through.  They do not leave a message and if I answer the phone no one is there.  This is very disturbing.  I do not accept solitation calls at my residence.  I realize telemarketers have to make a living too, but not on my line, I am not interested.
young male called about reducing electric rates by 12%could barely understand him with his ebonics.  he had trouble reading whatever he was trying "axe" meit was probably legit but i hung up anyway.  better than having them come to the door like other companies have been doing.
Recd a call 12/21 with caller ID V201339400093 when machine picked up they hung up.
I think that they are pedophiles, using a dialer to search for prey.....unless they get a child answering the phone, they hang up and move on.  I heard about how child molesters do this all the time, pretending to be telemarketers.
I have been receiving a call from the telephone# 732-359-4003 about 3-4 times a day but nobody answers and they hang up the phone as soon as we pick the phone to answer.
Three times in the past hour!  I'll take the advise and contact the FCC.  I use Comcast as my phone service - will inquire about having this number blocked.  This has been going on for weeks!!
This number has been calling for the past few weeks. Finally got annoyed and didn't say anything when I picked up the phone. They started talking about how there's a chiropractor nearby having some sort of special deal going on. Not sure how nearby they are because the call originated in NJ and I'm in CO...I hung up on them. Try reverse psychology the next time they call and DON'T say anything when you pick up. It worked for me.
My new number is unlisted too.  Same story as everyone else.  They usually start calling after 1 pm and through the afternoon and early evening.
I received a call form this number twice today .  They said nothing and hung up after I  I picked up the receiver.
I live in Toronto, Canada, And I keep getting the same wierd calls from this number. I say "hello" and I don't get an answer everytime. It's really pissing me off now.
Please file a complaint with the FCC, one for every call.  This actually works, you will be surprised at how fast the calls stop.
i live in central illinois. this number has called me about 6 times in the last 3 days. my number is on the do not call list. there is never anyone on the phone if you pick up.  think it is making a bad rep for Spring Lake NJ. this is who it says is calling on the caller id.
Hang up when answer.Call number, it answers and after 10 seconds, says thanks for calling and then hangs up!
Asked to speak with the person who handles the electric bill.
same as above
yea same here. i call it back and punk doesn't have the balls. Im just going to keep calling until something happens.I wanna know who this is.I don't take kindly to prank calls.
I receive a call from this number at my business every day.  The caller hangs up each time without speaking.  This is getting annoying!
They suddenly started calling my (unlisted) home number  -- about 10 times over the past 2 weeks. I live in the same (732) area code. The ID Caller says "Spring Lake" which is about 20 minutes from where I live. They don't call everyday, but rather every few days. When I answer, there's no response and no hangup or click ... nothing. This is annoying. Does anyone know who this call is coming from and why?

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