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Reverse Phone Check:

When calling the number back, an automated system identifies the number as Insight Teleservices, a telemarketing organization that raises money for charitable, political and non-profit organizations, all of which are exempt from the Federal Do Not Call Registry. Their website at indicates that they also telemarket for other, for profit organizations. It is my understanding, that even non-profits, though exempt from federal do not call laws, are required to keep an internal do not call list, and that if you ask to be placed on their internal list, they are **supposed** to oblige. Using their automated system, I've asked twice to be placed on their do not call list. Third strike and I report it to the FTC and FCC.
This number is from a telefundraising company calling on behalf of their clients.  I got a call tonight on behalf of paralized veterans.  I know this because I work for a company that does telefundraising on behalf of good, non-profit companies.  The reason they don't leave a message when you don't answer is the calling is being done by a computer programed to hang up after four rings (the number of rings that most calls are usually answered by).  I know they can be irratating, but they are trying to raise money for good causes.  If you don't want to give, just politely decline and ask them to put you on thier "Do Not Call" list.  They should do it within 3-4 days and they won't call you for any of their clients.  Remember to be nice as these people are used to being turned down and, especially, are just doing there job. The nice lady I spoke to was very polite and when I asked her to put me on the DNC list, she said she would and was very polite about it.  She was a well trained professional and deserved to be treated respectfully.
Phone calls are 2 and 3 a day from this number
Call was from a woman who claimed to be with the "Last Wish Foundation" for children.  When I said I would research it and decide about giving, she hung up quickly.  Clearly a "boiler room" calling operation.
Just received a call for the 2nd time this weekend but I don't answer and they won't leave a message.
This number just called my house about 12:09 pm. I was not the one who picked it but my grandma did. They were looking for me but I was not available  to pick it up so when my grandma told the person if they wanted to leave a message, they hung up. My grandma told me it was a young guy that was on the phone.
Just got a call. Said they were with the National Leukemia Foundation. I informed them that I did not take any type of phone solicitation and that I was on the DNC list. The guy said "But Sir,...." Didn't hear the rest as I hung up.
They called and said something that was garbled then asked for someone I said "pardon me?" and they hung up.
Received a call from this number on 10/28/10 at 12:31pm.  I said "Hello" twice and no one responded, and then they hung up.
I didn't answer & they left no message
FridayOctober 8, 2010ID Caller: UNKNOWN NAMETel: (734)-369-9220Time: 12:55 PMDay: 10/08No Phone Message!
When I receive a call from this number, and they call me by name, I say" no, I'm sorry, may I take a message?" amnd they hang up.  I'm tired of this
Keeps calling but won't leave a message.  I don't know anyone in Ann Arbor so I'm not going to answer it.
This number called our house about 1/2 hour ago, and asked for my Dad by name. When I said to hold on, they hung up.
Calls several times a day,  but never leaves message.  I don't answer, because I don't know anyone in Michigan.  Irritating.  Leave message or leave me alone.
just got a text coop service alert your card starting with 4626 has been DEACTIVATED please contact us at 734 238 1700
just got the same text. how the $%#* DID THESE PEOPLE GET OUR #S????
just got the same thing a couple minutes ago
same message, wonder how they received mine and other phone numbers. Must be some other organization involved. SCAM!!!
Text message advising my card has been deactivated.

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