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Just got another call, don't know who it is.
It is Monitronics Alarm System, P.O. Box 814530, Dallas, Texas & Monitronics Funding LP, Palatine, IL 60055-8628
Wondering who this is since it is not a valid area code.
Got 2 charges of $9.99, cancelled on April 15th, just called 888-580-6250, and told the gentleman that I request a refund. He promised that credit will show up on my verizon bill next month. We will see if it is going to happen.
Please stop texting my phone with gaming information.  I do not have a game system of any kind.  I am tired of paying for these texts.  I will be calling the attorney general on monday morning and report this number.
While trying to pay my late mother's phone bill I found this charge, which our local phone company, Cincinnati Bell, said was associated with Mobil Gaming, 1-888-580-6250.  I too have a call in to their voice mail, but will be surprised if they return the call.  My mother was 96 and had all her faculties, and would NOT have called such a place, so this seems to me to be a criminal operation.  Am contacting the sheriff in Denver.
I received a "data charge" on my bill for my wife's phone.  Checking with Verizon gave me the same info as many of you have described previously.  The Verizon employee helped me block any further "premium" messages but was unable to credit the fees as "someone must have either 'ignored' the text message stating they would begin a subscription for this service unless they texted 'stop' back.  We NEVER received any text message from them or any other 'service'.  I sent the "stop" text and received confirmation that the service would be stopped and also the '888-580-6250' number for questions.  However, calling the number, I received a recording stating the line was not in service.  Imagine that!  I hope you all actually receive a 'refund' check and not a bill for additional services.
Here is their address FWIW:mobilegaminglive.com303 S. Broadway, Ste 200-186Denver, CO 80209Someone local in Denver - send the Sheriff!
ME TOO! 2 charges for 9.99. Alltel won't refund it. just told me text stop to this number! What a scam I am so angry!
I have Alltel, and the same thing everyone has described happened to me.  We texted "Stop" in January, and now another one has shown up in March's bill, even after Alltel "blocked" any of these from coming thru.
I had two 9.99 charges for 73909 Mobile Gaming and one 9.99 charge for Text Messaging 25209.  I finally tracked down a phone number 1-888-826-6007..called and was told that this was an alert system that works for multiple company.  When he looked up the 25209 code I spoke to Ben, he said it was cheats related to an online club penguin game in which a child is basically lured to a site for coins for the game..all they have to do is enter the cell number.  I called back regarding the 73909 number and spoke to "Ben" and was given a description of the charge first that it was for "cheats" and when questioned then that it was for something else.  They claimed to have canceled and block the service from future use and suggested that I go to my provider and adjust setting on my child's phone that will block third party billing.  (The webpage they gave for this did not work, Imagine that!).When I realized that the webpage was not working I called back and  and got another person (maybe sure did sound the same).  Who told me that he had no idea what the 73909 was that it was not to their company (even though Ben said they answered phones for many companies).  After some heated debate and refusal of letting me speak to a supervisor, I was offered a single 9.99 refund check.  Lucky me!! and told to go to my provider to see if I could find out who the other number belonged to so I can stop it.
I just checked my bill from Verizon and the same thing...2 charges for 9.99 each from 73909 and 25209...i don't even txt msg and now I got to send msgs back to tell them to stop...$20 bucks down the tube...this stinks...please post if anyone finds information about why this is happening.  Thanks,
Same thing is happening to us. Verizon too. Wondering if it's a Verizon scam. I'm reporting this to the BBB & my state's Attorney General. 25209 is another one
It's not a Verizon scam. I have At&t and just found it on my stepson's phone line, along with $30 more dollars in charges for other scams. This has never happened before, but his phone line is literally getting these scam texts almost every single day. I am absolutely furious that this is allowed to take place. Unfortunately we only see my stepkids every other weekend, so we have no way to monitor his phone, other than checking the bill every month. I'm under the impression, however, that this is in no way his fault. Why is this all of a sudden happening to everyone?!?
Just got My verizon wireless bill and found 4 9.99 charges from these dang things!!!! who are they?? how does this happen????  THis is from 73909 some kind of gaming thing...........All verizon would do is tell me to text stop cancel unsubscribe etc......and google them and call each 3rd party vendor to see if THEY would credit me back ....verizon will not credit me back WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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