AntiCall is a user created reverse phone directory where you can:
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Reverse Phone Check:

A guy just called from this number asking to speak to my boss, requesting her by her first name, not using her proper suffix and acting like he's called a million times before. I didn't recognize his name and insisted he give me his last name, 'Ray Harrell' he said.  I told him my boss was out of her office and he said he would just call back. She has no knowledge of who this guy is. I called the number back and his voice came on with an announcement that this was 'not a working number.' Creepy.
You need serious help, and for you ex hookers out there who are now straight and narrow...Just remember only Jesus can forgive you for your sins you do not need the help of a lonely man looking up escorts sites to forgive you, and it is only a sin if you feel guilty about what you do. We may advertise and have web-sites but the calls come to us we do not make them.
If he was legit he would not be THREATENING people to change....God does not threaten !Who has given Eric the right and power to judge what people do with their lives??Offering help is one thing but to force change with rants and threats is INSANE and hypocritical  Jezebel
he has actually helped me get out of the lifestlye of prostitution/escorting which is what everyone on the list complaining about him is... Im ashamd of what ive done and still am in contact with him almost daily... all of you are just angry that he told you the trutheveryone on this list is a prostitute
Eric is a moron, clearly.  He needs something better to do on a Friday night.  He currently lives in Raleigh, NC.  Luckily I'll be visiting his area in just a few weeks.  He stopped texting when he threatened me with the cops & I let him know I had called his carrier to report his harassment.  I also suggested to him directly that he learns to spell.
This person is texting me nonstop, creepy, quoting the bible, tell me I need to come to God.
Same issue
Nasty annoying young man, who would not say why he was calling.  I hung up on him.
Cardida is calling numerous time a day leaving no msgs . I would like it to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is annoying for them to call my house from early morning to late evening. I would like it to stop. I have no idea how they got my number. I would like them to stop calling now.
they hang up or ask to speak to me and say that i entered a sweepstake
I also entered into one of those raffles for a new car at a mall in Ohio. This particular number has been calling me about 3 days in a row now. I never answer a phone number I don't recognize. My answering machine picks up and they always hang up. After reading what I see here I will not answer it at all. I don't care how many times they call me. I am sure after a long while they will give up. Or maybe we should all contact our phone companies and have this number blocked.
Whoever these idiots are they call at all hours of the night. Last night after 9pm!! They need to stop!!! Scammers!!!One would think they could submit to win something with the notice that your information will not be sold and that promise kept!!! STOP CALLING CARDIDA!!!!!!!
Inform them that you are on the do not call registry...inform them that you will report them to the fcc.  they should stop. if they do not then threaten to sue them.
Can anyone tell me if the bought into this package deal and what they have found out after they signed and is there a way out???
stop calling me
They have been blowing my phone up. I finally answered today and they gave me the same run-around they have been giving everyone else. Thanks for the info on this site before I wasted to much time on them.
I too entered a giveaway for a car at the mall. Today was my first call....
They keep calling. About 5-6 times a day. I have not answered

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