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тия явно звънят наред, вчера е звънял на жена ми. само да го намеря кой е... :-)
My boyfriend from Holland ahs just called me and instead his usual number I've got this number on my display. I'm in Sofia, Bulgaria now. What's going on?
When I call my wife from USA in Bulgaria instead of my number this number appears on her phone. It's very strange.
az sushto imam na 31 okt wecherta  ???
i az imam ot toq nomer obajdane 2-va ili 3-ri patq imam propusnato povikvane ot nego kakvo zaboga stava
i na men tozi nomer mi klikna predi 2 dni.nqkoi znae li koi e
Na me susto mi zvunia v 8 sytrinta v4era
i na men mi klikna toq nomer
i na men tozi mi zvunq predi malko ama ne sam go 4ula da go napsuvam hubavo
И аз получих пропуснато повикване от същия номер. Странно!
Tazi sutrin v 6 chasa imah pozvuniavane ot tozi nomer :(
zvynna i na men, 19 sec. i zatvori!moje shema da ima, shte vidim..
eho koi si
na men mi zvanq v4era v 9 ve4erta...........mai e ruski nomer nz
Be toya yavno zvani nared ... Dano nqkoi da mu varje :)
i na men mi zvunq tozi nomer dnes!! nqmam predstava kakuv e
вчера някой ми звъня от този номер,но не можех да гояоря и не вдигнах!!!какво става?
позвъняването беше на 20 октомври в 13:17ч.
I have a missed call to my international phone by this number on 20th October at 12:26. I do not know that person and since there are other people bothered by him/her I deceided to report it.
got a call from this number just now and i'm wondering if it is a scam

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