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today at 4 23 sept 4 rh I got phone call saying to verify my information when I refuse the man got pretty upset, the whole conversation was in fluent spanish. from Canada.
Volvi a recibir la llamada, pero otra Senora.
Recibi una llamada solicitando la confirmacion de mis datos comerciales, ellos tenian de antemano mis datos personales, y yo como una tonta di la informacion que ellos necesitaban para sustraer de mi cuenta el dinero, tengan mucho cuidado.
Recibi una llamada de este telefono, una dominicana ..siempre que preguntaba el nombre de la compania lo decia tan rapido y no queria repetir. Tenia mi direccion y telefono, queria que yo confirmara mi direccion para mandarme no se que papeles. Cuando el dijo q tenia la direccion incorrecta quedo sorprendida , volvi a preguntarle de donde llamaba y me dice bueno si tengo la dirrecion incorrecta bye, y colgo.
Just got the same call a few minutes ago. Be careful!!
Je viens de recevoir un appel également (2 septembre), la dame commence par Buenas début elle parlait très vite que je n'ai pas compris. Ensuite elle a demandé de parler à ma mère (en prononcant mal le nom de famille). Je suis portugaise/canadienne, je ne parle donc pas espagnol mais je le comprend. J'ai alors fait semblant de ne parler que l'anglais. Lorsque je lui ai demandé si elle parlait anglais, elle a fait: oh no, bye! Déjà là, c'était louche. J'ai donc voulu regarder sur google dou l'appel venait jusqu'à ce que je tombe sur cette page....quels cons!
spanish speak woman, with a dominican accent, very demanding. She spoke very fast when mentioning the company name in English. I told her to slow down. which made her uncomfortable.  +She said she was calling from Merchant ID fraud working with all the banks and credit cards to protect my credit in case of fraud and I was one of the privileged customers in my area, they will protect me without paying and, I just need to confirm all my information.  I told her I need her company information, before I can say yes to anything, as they could be another fraud and even if I been offered a million dollar, I will need to know, why they giving it to me and where that million come from.She quickly said their address in Quebec and phone number and moved on and told me she cannot give me much information about her company, so I told her I will investigate it and she sad have a nice day.  but there is nothing else b
My mom got a call from 752-988-9966 on Sept.1 2008 from a woman speaking in spanish and said that she was calling her because she was a priviliged client and wanted to confirm her info. When my mom asked her where she was calling from she mumbled the name of her company and my mom asked her to repeat it again but slower because she couldn't understand her and again she mumbled some name very quickly and said that they work with various financial institutions and she wanted to confirm her info. At that point my mom realized there was something wrong and hunged up. She then tried to call the number back and got a message from the telephone company saying that the number could not be dialed because it didn't exist. When we checked the number and saw that it is from somewhere in California then made the connection because my mom was on vacation in California at the beginning of august and she did use her credit card while she was there.
J'ai reçu l'appel de qq'un hispano parlant, accent du caraibe, je suis certain de la République Dominicaine, il voulait m'offrir une protection contre la fraude et vol d'identité il m'a donné le nom de la cie d'où il appelait et quand je lui demandé de me repéter le nom il a donne 3 différents noms et ensuite il  a changé de sujet en m'insistant de lui donner (plutôt de lui confirmer mes données qu'il avait et lui donner mes numéros de cartes de crédit) quand je lui ai dit de me donner juste le nom de l'institution financière d'une de mes cartes de crédit, il m'a demandé de patienter pour pouvoir ovrir mon dossier et voilà jusqu'à ce moment "j'attends au téléphone pendant qu'il ouvre mon dossier..."  BANDES DES VOLEURS... Soyez prudent les amis latinoaméericains, je ne le suis mais mes parents m'ont donné un prénom en espagnol, et je suis marié avec qq'un de venezuela...
- Hello!- bla..bla..bla... C Romero por favor! bla..bla..bla... C Romero por favor!- Who is it?- Do you speak Spanish?- No!- (.... dial tone. Hang up)- $@(*&^@%&-+_)8^^%#@!$^*
I got a call today August 28th, 2008 and they wanted the numbers at the bottom of my check...The female was talking to me in spanish...when I asked her where she was calling from she would talk so fast and all I heard was Canada...when I looked up the area code I realized it's from California. I didn't give her info...I just said I wasn't interested and hung up.
they tried to get me to confirm my address, i asked who they were and they said banks of canada anti fraud, i kept asking how they got my info and they put me on hold for ever.
I received a phone call from 752-988-9966 on the 25th of aug. and they seem that they couldn't speak english fluently and they seemed to be confused. So they asked me if I spoke spanish and I said yes so then they asked me if my parents were home and I said no. she then said that she would call another day. I didn't think much of it and then on the 27th they called again and my mom answered. They were asking all this questions about our bank and credit line. They also wanted the #'s on our credit card but my mom lied because she knew something was wrong and said that my dad had his credit card with him and he was at work at the moment, so they said they'll call tom. So we looked up the # on yellowpages and found this website.
Will it have charged me for answering the phone?? if you can tell me please reply to thank you!
Today August 25th, I got a phone call from this phone number. I was alarmed to see that they spoke to me in fluent Spanish (I'm a dual citizen from Mexico and Canada) and knew a lot about my credit history and current bank accounts and demanded private and confidential information. I simply hung up. I started looking on the internet and found this website.They're fraudulent, simply hang up if you see this number. And call your banking institution asap to report this incident.
I got a phone call from today agust 25, 2008...They stating something about our insurance when i could not understand what she was saying she hung up...beware....
I received a phone call from 752-988-9966 and all they said was my first name and hang up. I had to call my phone company to find out the number.

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