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Reverse Phone Check:

They don't leave a message or say anything.
Don't confirm anything on the ph with this caller. Caller stated that I was approved for a car loan.  I did not apply for any recently.  This is most probably a scam....
i recieved a call from this number 755-546-9012 and it was an Indian (ethnicity) sounding man who talked of me being approved for a car loan and wouldn'tstop talking even as I told him it was my cell phone and I didn't apply . seemed to want to keep me on the line for 1 reason or another . wish our government could do something about other country scams , but I'm sure my cell provider will be glad to charge me God knows how much for picking it up . I have a friend in China and thought it was him
Same I've had a number of calls from the same number, they never leave a message. Last night I finally picked up the call and they didn't answer me back! they just waited a few seconds before hanging up! 0067155121013 is a Queensland Australian number.
Got a call from this number today and he called saying my name and said he is from marketing company. He was not ready to provide his name or details...Beware
Keep randomly calling me, no message left, though says from south east asia

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