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The person who ids him/herself as Zapper is completely 100% correct. Never give them even a single reply or respond to even one of their questions because if they can figure out a way to twist your words or use them out of context they will absolutley use to screw you, or re-date the debt etc. In FL last time I checked it was three years with no activity and the debt is invalid, in NY last time I checked it was 5 years. If you get caught you say exactly this  "I DO NOT WISH TO COMMUNICATE BY PHONE" AND THEN HANG UP. Don't even listen for a response. That is your right under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act such it applies to all states. NYC and Massachusettes residents have notably more powerful rights. There is nothing illegal or even wrong with using your rights.Remember that their goal is to "rile" you up, and make you mad in order to get you to respond and further entrap you in their game. Don't play their game.
Just another scam collector, a fake, they are quite rude as well.
Just had a 15 minute conversation with them. It started off with a lady and she got frustrated cause I wouldn't give my routing number so she got a male on the line. It was CRA and they was tryin to collect a debt from 9 years ago. The male was very nice until I demanded proof that he was legit. He then tried to reduced my settlement and a light bulb went off. Why would a debt collector take less than what I owed? So he then got really pissed and said "I wish your family the best of luck then" I laughed and said "You too buddy" and hung up. Make sure to report and document everything that happens. We all need to stop this and put these dirtballs in jail.
Got a call from this number on my cell this morning. No message left. Thanks for the heads up. Too many scammers out there.
got a call from this number and I think it is a real scam. my identy has been compremised and I am mad. thank you for the heads up on this and I will use some of the suggestions here for future calls.. I have been scamed in the past and I will not fall for this abuse any longer..
"CRA"  is Consumer Recover Associates; one of many "Zombie" debt collectors.DO NOT give them a single, solitary response to their questions, as it may trigger a collection action for a debt long past the Statute of Limitations.A few of their other numbers:757-941-4753864-644-1007757-743-0132864-644-1007757-941-4753
After checking the internet about this company this a debt collector, I have no outstanding debts. So quit bothering me.
calls at all hours of the day, no messages.
Got a call from Asset Acceptance, no was answered when I answered the call. I do understand when my number is on the DO NOT CALL list.
recieved a missed call on my cell and then a call on my phone number said i was listed as a contact for Rodney somebody-when i called back for more information they were very rude and yelled at me for being concerned about nothing-caller id on home number said williamsburg VA
757-941-4753 is a fraud, do not supply them with information they will use the information to steal your credit and money
they called and asked me to verify the 4 digitis of my social that they had - i said Ok so they transferred me to anoter guy - they claimed to be collecting on a debt they claimed i had back in 2002 - Thety wanted me to pay half the debt - whichthey said was $20,000 to settle the claim- i denied it and ask them to send me documentation - I used to work for a collection firm and I know that if a person denies the claim you must file that denial and send the person documentation - They refused to send documentation and said they'll file it with the IRS and hung up the phone - which is bogus - the IRS only take claims from federal agencies. - not from private collectors - they can do nothing but send you documentation if you deny their claim. I called them back and told them I recorded their conversation and the feds will be in touch with them - they hung quickly!hope this helps others out there.
got a call from the office of CRA in VA.  Said they have a situation in the office which I am probably not aware of.  sounds fishy.
they called me and said they were looking for me and knew my name and said they were cra i asked them what did that stand for and they hung up
This number, 757-941-4753, called and asked if I was Sue. I said NO. A few days later they called again, for Sue. I think the rude caller is looking for payment for a debt they seem to think Sue owes.
Received phone call from this person. He was rude. I asked him what the phone call referred to. He would not give me an answer until I verified my name and social. I hung up on him. I would not give him any answeres.
just got the same call. i let it go to voice mail. I just heard them say my name, but left no message. if it was important they would have left voicemail.
bill collector
asset acceptance, buys zombie debt as a 3rd party junk debt collector.  Many debts past statute of limitations.  Get educated on your rights!  Send them a debt validation letter, make them prove they have a legal right to call you and if they call after you tell them to stop, report them to the FTC for violations of the Fair Debt Practices Collection Act, AND file a complaint with the state attorney generals office in your state, as well as your state collection agency licensing board.  They MUST prove they own the debt before they can collect it!  DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE BOOGEY MAN!You can learn how the law protects you from these deadbeats can file an FTC complaint here: can find out if your debt is beyond the statute of limitations here: is an example of how to write a debt validation letter, and what should be in one.  BE SURE TO SEND IT CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED SO YOU CAN PROVE THEY GOT IT: your credit report, if they are on there with an inquiry they have violated the PINTOS decision, REPORT THEM TO THE FTC!  You can obtain one free credit report per year.Finally, if they sue you you can find an attorney specializing in these scumbags here:

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