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Reverse Phone Check:

i get repeated phone calls harassing me. i want to press charges on them
This number is Gmail for sure, but I called my house phone from g-mail 1 time and that is it. Then after a couple of hours I got 2 calls in a row from the same number! IT IS SO ANNOYING!
Got called at 10:11pm est.  answered call without any response. line sounded heavy and quiet. no idea who it is..
Got a call from this number, didn't answer, but the voicemail totally freaked me out - some garbled / crying man saying he loves me, why won't I answer his call, etc... considering I've been stalked in the past and moved/changed numbers w/o disclosing the info, this totally freaks me out...
Got a call from this number at 10:01, didn't answer, and got the same garbled mans voice, could even make it out.  Then, at 10:30, got a second call and again I didn't answer.  This time the message was left in the voice of what seemed to be a chipmunk!  I kid you not.
Please do not call my numbers anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a call from this number. But I do not know who is calling me???Please stop it right away.
The number is from google voice. Anyone can call from it with a gmail account.
this persons calls me and my friends all the time i dont know how he/she has all our numbers but i will find out who it is ;)
Just had a call. In fact 2 in a space of few seconds. Good to know it's from gmail, but it's either not fully working in UK yet and/or they are in the process of testing it. Couldn't hear anyone on the other side when I picked it up. C'mon google! ;)
As some have already said.  This is a Gmail. Computer phone number
Just received a call. Nobody answered.  Just hung up. Have received before but never answered because it is an unknown number for me. Good to know someone out there knows who it is.  Just received another call but did not answer.
It's your friends or someone testing it out. Just because you didn't hear anything doesn't mean it wasn't working. They probably don't have a mic and just wanted to screw around with it.
Stop it!!1 Every 2 minutes for 24 hours they have called
Here is the call history pasted from web:girlfriend: Hello?me: Hello?girlfriend: Hello?me: Hello?girlfriend: Hello?me: Hello, can you hear me?girlfriend: Who is this?me: This is Steve!girlfriend: oh god, what do you want?me: I can't believe this! I'm talking from my computer!girlfriend: That's No, you've got to believe me! The Google... I, I, I opened the Gmail and and and...girlfriend: Are you high again?me: What number came up on your phone??girlfriend: 760-705-8888. I have to go. Stop calling me.Your "girlfriend" ended the voice chat at 3:55 PM.
I called my parents from my gmail -- they saw the Google number 760-705-8888 pop up on caller ID, and they disconnected without saying hi.  I tried again, they hung up again.  So I called from my cell, and told them what it was all bout.  They thought I was a prank caller or insurance salesman, so they kept hanging up.  Now that they know, they're making calls to all their friends from Dad's Gmail account.  Freakin awesome!  Way to rock the world again Google.  No Skype echo either!
Someone called you while using Google's new free phone service. They, (or you) can log into Gmail, and download the free call app. If anyone calls you that number is displayed on your caller ID.
Got a call from this East Indian person wanting me to vote for the Democrats for senate and house. I asked what the crap was he doing campaigning for these jerks and he said they not only had my phone number, but they knew where I lived and where my kids went to school. I told him I'd vote for the Dems and he said, good enough. I'm thinking about setting the house next door on fire where a bunch of East Indians live.
We keep getting calls from this number too and they want all kinds of information like my wife's cup and thong size, the length of my johnson and the pounds per square inch on my nipple clips.  When I give them the info, they just keep asking for more like how many millimeters I dialate when passing a water mellon. I mean who has time to measure when your going through something like that?

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