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Reverse Phone Check:

Okay, they called my daughter a while ago about winning the $1000 and asked for $3.95 shipping for some free magazine subscriptions... she gave them her card number. What could happen? What should she do?
Crank call or scam, I've had dozens of calls hanging up!
SCAM. telling me that a won some 1,000 gift card and magazines but I had to pay for shipping. When I questioned them about the company bthe man sais F@*k U and hung up
so I got a call from the yesterday and I answered they said that I had just filled a survey ( which I did) for cvs and hannafords. They told me I won a 1000 dollar online shopping spree they asked me for my address and name and said the gift certificate is in the mail no other info was asked. They even read off the numbers to my reciept to confirm it. I think all you guys are paranoid you probably won too.. I'll repost when my winnings come in and I'll take a snapshot for you.
this is a say now number from some kind of celebrity...i called it and it said something bout selena gomez...WAT THE HECK?
this is a say now number from some kind of celebrity...i called it and it said something bout selena gomez...WAT THE HECK?
this number keeps calling and when i try to call back they say leave a message.
I got a call today and when I called it back it went to voicemail. I think it has somthing to do with a subway questionare I did.It's from Twin Cities, MN. They are on my blocked list on my phone!
ITS IDENTITY THEFT. WATCH OUT!!!!I filled out a form on Facebook and then they called me. Also i have been getting a large amount of spam to my email account. We need to be a lil more smart next time.
They called me when i was half asleep saying I won a $1000 gift card. I usually get bad calls asking for my SS# but they are usually a computer, this was a woman. They needed to know my age, occupation, and if I held a VISA card. Then my call dropped.
They called me and asked for personal info. saying that if I answered a few questions (age, occupation and verify address) then they'd send me the $1000.00 gift card that I had entered to get.  I had filled out a survey online the day before in regards to a Wal-Mart $1000 gift card but it seemed suspicious.  My husband and I believe they are involved in identity theft.
thare calling me right now what the hell is rong with you
I just got a call from 7632743899 but did not answer; no msg left by caller
this number is very suspicious don't give your info to this number might be (identity theft)
I got a call called them back it went to voicemail
They started calling a few months ago. Call many times in row and then may leave a message but I could not understand.  Now I read were they say they are from  the same company I have prescription form but I just check that number and it is not them.BE VERY CAREFULL WHO YOU TELL WHAT TO
stop f***ing call me
Police Officer in Kansas.  Had a resident report that someone called from 763-274-3899 claiming to be her prescription company (Prescription Solutions) and needed her credit card # to process her medications.  She called Prescription Solutions and it was a scam.  Beware of this phone number.
I receive a call yesterday it was from prescriptions salutions - UHC uses for mail order prescription. they were verifying the order. They had info on the prescription so all you parinoide indviduals that didint get your paxail that is why.

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