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That my number, robert farrell. I put in the data base, as I thought ya'll would call me back an inform me who the POA Georgia number
i've gotten 2-3 per day for the last week, every time i answer there is dead air. been afraid to call back incase it is a phone scam that requires you to call them. when i reverse looked up the number it said it was a private land line out of california, not georgia. i am from shreveport,la. did recently have my car at the dealership though.
This phone number called me over 5 times in 2 days.  I called and Left a message for them 2x's trying to find out why they were calling and to please leave a message when they called.  I also tryed pressing 0 when the message came on as suggested by another person here.  It says that it is transfering me to rep but no one comes on the line and there is just dead air.
Buulshit...calls daily, nobody is there 1 call Monday, none yesterday, 3 today. These douches are so annoying
calls constantly, maybe 5 times a day. getting real tired of it. they call hang up, i call back and get a recording, leave a ridiculous message, and they still call.
Quit calling me mother*******!!!!!!!!!!!
Really tired of these calls.
this nbr was left on my ans mach and i refuse to call back.
They call every 3 hours.
They call several times a week and when I answer they disconnect.  I want to know how to file a complaint against them.
What a bunch of jerks. I cannot believe that any compoany would do what they do. Call and don't answer. Call them and nothing happenes. Whats there motive. Anyone know?
7704491595 keep callin ur phone multiple times a day and hangin up when u answer? Then when u call back all u get is a dang recording??? Well lets sock it back to em!Spectrum Services (, Ga.770 449 1776President - Carl McManamy ex. 1003  hm. 770 394 3738Make sure you curse A L O T !!!
Tyrone, Great advice!  Dial 0 to have your number removed.  We'll see if it works!  They have called me several times a day, every day for the last month!
This number continues to come up on my cell phone several times. When I answr the phone they would hang up. When I call back the phone instantly goes to voice mail. I asked them to stop calling, but it continues.
this tel # belongs to a marketing research company which is subcontracted by various car dealerships.  to be removed from their calling list, dial the number, then press zero and wait to be transfered to an operator.
We received a letter from this "lawfirm", Frederick Hanna and Associates regarding an unknown debt.  After speaking to them, they said it was for Bank of America, an account that my husband closed 15 years ago in college...He had paid it off, closed the card, it never went to collections, etc...When we contacted the "law" office, they proceeded to tell us that we were being sued by BOA.  Concerned, we contacted BOA and they notified us that we have NO accounts or outstanding actions with them.  We decided to ignore the letter and two days after we called them, this number shows up on caller ID on a phone that is unlisted and rarely used. NO ONE has his number except for our child's school and his grandparents.  Now the phone is ringing all day and night- from 0700-2100.  I'm angry and when I try to explain to the person on the other line that there is a mistake-they completely ignore me and repeatedly ask how I'd like to make a payment. Ridiculous!  We've never had problems with our bills and I don't know where this is coming from. I'm more upset that they now have our private number- how in the world did they get it!?
I've answered the call several times and they hang up. then when i call it back it just rings over and over.
They called me four times, once at 11PM last night.  I'm tempted to give the dealership a bad review for sicking this survey company on me.  I really don't appreciate being harrassed like this!
I don't want this people to call me anymore

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