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I recived the first call from these people today. the number on my cell was this (052-797-815) and yes thats all.  They asked for me, told me that they have all my personal information then stated that my sister had gotten a loan from them and used me as a ref. and that she has not attempted to pay it back and they were filing fraud charges on her. So i told them that i would call her one time and one time only to give her his name (Franklin Black) and the number 772-360-4105. I  also told him that they better not ever call me again about her debt for it was their stupidity for giving her a loan.  There should be a Law against someone using you as a Ref. without the initial company calling to make sure its ok first. Lets see if they call me back
Received call from this number 01/18/2011 at 12:41pm???
For the past month I've been receiving the same annoying calls on a weekly basis. However, from a Austin Jones with a very thick Indian accent. They had my name and SS#. This is most troubling... seem the only thing they did not have is my address. I'll be reporting them after this posting to see how we can stop and capture these Con Artist.
I have received 2 calls from this number today.  The first I told him I would have to call back and the second one was to a co-worker who took his name and number.  When I called the number they simply answered "hell0" and when I asked for Paul Akins the person asked my name.  When I gave my name, he stated that he was Adam White a supervisor and proceeded to tell me he was with Law and Investigating Department.  I asked him department of what company and again he said legal law and investigation department and started to tell me about a legal matter against me.  I stopped him and asked if he had my mailing address.  His answer was that they had all my information and I then requested that I be sent in writing the matter he was calling about since I did not discuss legal matters over the phone.  He started to tell me about reporting to this and that about me and I again stressed that I was at work and did not discuss legal matters over the phone.  He was going to transfer me to his supervisor and I said no, I would not talke to him.  A few minutes later, Paul Akins called and wanted to know why I yelled at his co-worker.  I explained that I did not yell, simply stated that I did not discuss  matters over the phone.  He wanted to continue to talk, but I stopped him and said that I would not discuss it over the phone.  Mr. Akins stated he would call me at work at any time and all the time.  I told him to do what he thought was necessary and I would do what I thought was necessary.
i just received a call from this number and the person claimed that his name was john black.  this is the same person that calls me every 2 to 3 months claiming that i owe them money.  they have all of my information and they always say that they have an affidavit against my name.  every time i receive these phone calls, i report them to the authorities.  i guess the authorities can't do anything because i keep getting the same types of calls from different numbers.
I have gotten a call from this number and know 2 other people who were called by this. I am not sure what to think
Same thing - my cell phone rang, caller ID said that the call was from 772-335-4498. I answered, no one spoke. I heard ringing like i was being connected to someone and then the caller hung up. Jerks.
I just had someone call me from this number at my work with all my personal information claiming that I took a loan out last year and the bill is now up to $7,500, but I could pay $401 to settle it today.  As soon as I asked for details because I couldn't understand what I owed - everything has been paid.  He said you owe this so pay it.  So, I said, that's fine.  I'll pay whatever I owe if in fact I owe it, just give me details so I can call the NH Banking Commission to verify your office - he hung up.  Two men called.  One named Steve McLane and the other Nicholas Thomas.  He claimed that 7 agents were investigating me for fraud and that one of them was from the FDIC.  I guess he didn't want me calling the NH Banking Commission to find out...
My  mom  got a  phone  call today  telling her that I was  going to get a social  worker to my house if I didn't  pay my loan. I never applied for a loan. What BS.
I got a call from a Ben Johnson saying that he was pressing charges against my social security number and I better him back immediately or I would be arrested.
They called me today 10 times...they harrased me to no end! they also called my job...I asked what do they want, and he said that they would arrest me and file a suit against me. I told them that I would not talk to them, and to send by mail "whatever" they have. Im going to wait and see, but I have a feeling this is BS!
my calls have been coming from an Indian-sounding fellow calling himself "Ross Taylor", from ACS...the last message he left for me this morning was to inform me that if i didn't call him back to make payment arrangements for the alleged-loan i never took out, he would "call my office until i was fired"...nice.  I was also told that they will be at my office with "two men" to arrest me...guess what?  here in the great US of A, we have NO DEBTORS PRISON, so if they tell you this, it is complete BU***HIT!  you can also NOT rceive an affidavit by e-mail...I have also been harrassed by these folks for months now....they took a break after my attorney/brother called them, but THEY'RE BAAAACK!
Just got six calls from this numbert this morning-- staticky connection, Indian accent, Steven something from "ACS."  Left messages saying there was an "affidavit" against me and I could be arrested.  Saying my ss is under investigation.  This is not the first time this is happened to  me, different numbers have been calling me since March of this year, 2010.  Different names, locations.  It is ridiculous.  How can these people be stopped?
I just received a call from Carl Peterson supposedly from FDIC, supposedly a lawsuit has been filed against my SS #. yeah right!
Just got a call at work from this number--super staticky connection, dude was clearly Indian but called himself "Richard Wilson" from "ACS."  Tried to intimidate me by telling me he knew where I worked (obviously, he called me there) and told me there was an "affadavit" against me and I could be arrested.  Didn't actually give me any info about what I'd allegedly done wrong or anything, just kept threatening and harassing.  I told him clearly six separate times that he could not call me at my office number again; he said if I didn't call him back tonight he would continue calling me there daily--pretty sure that's illegal.  Bunch of scumbags.
I had one of these calls on 6-19-10 and again today on June 19th when you say hello they say nothing and hangup.  This is beginning to be nusciance.   Please do something about these calls. thank you
Received a call from this number said I got a loan from Cash Advance USA back in September 09. Never paid back the loan and I know owe them 501.00. They told me my ss# was under investigation and I had a legal case against me. Supposedly the man's name was Kevin Brookes and Nicholas Smith. I could hardly understand them do to their accent.
These people kept calling after hanging up on them 3 times I decieded to talk to them. Mr. Johnson stated If I did not pay $508.00 tonight. A cash advance place was going to take me to court and put me in jail and fine me up to $7900, for not paying back the money I owed them from last April. When I told him it was not me He said someone else must be useing my info and I should just pay this to clear my ss#. What a joke. These people really need to get a life and leave us alone!
I watched an educational commercial spot on Fox Business this past weekend. Was that your program? It was very well done. How do I get a schedule for upcoming shows? Kevin

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