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I don't want calls from this company.  My  number is 317-602-9101
Just got the same call in edgewater, nj
Just got this call in Fort Lee, NJ.
Just got this call in Fort Lee, NJ.
Now there calling New Jersey.  The same lines are being used.  Although, I never enter contests.  Thanks God for caller ID!
They are now hitting the Atlanta market .... didn't receive a message, but PRIZE CARD SERVICES did show up on my caller ID last night .... Thanks for all of the great insights!
Now making the rounds in NJ.  "Christopher" with the same bogus schpiel as others have described.  Scam, scam, scam.Phone number used 708 248 7502Pretty ballsy claiming they are not violating the do-not-call regs while violating the do-not-call regs.All who get this call need to report this outfit to the FTC.
On Nov. 12, I received a voice mail from Christopher at Vandell Communications.  The message says: “Hi this is Christopher calling from Vandell Communications, I've made numerous attempts to reach you regarding an entry form that was filled out in your name in the last 12-18 months to win a new car. This will be my final attempt to notify that your name was pulled as a winner and we are going to award you one of our top four major prizes. It will be in your best interest to give me a call back as soon as possible. My number is toll free at 1-866-312-9553, ext. 109. We're not a telemarketing agency or timeshare; this is not a cold call so please do not ignore this message.”  This number was a different number than the caller showed.  The caller ID said “Prize Crd Srvc” with the number 773-891-5629.  If you Google the original number, you will see that it is registered to a Khamraj Mookhram in Chicago.I decided to play along to see what kind of scam this really was so I called the toll free number and dialed Christopher’s extension.  Christopher wasn’t available but Paul (x135) was could help me.  They did not know my name even though they said that I had entered this contest.  After giving my name and my husband’s name they asked if we were between was 25 and 72 years old, married, and had a combined income of over $45,000.  Then Paul explained the prizes as follows:•    Brand New Lincoln Navigator or $45,000 Cash•    $2,500 to spend any way you wish•    2 nights’ accommodation and airfare for 2 adults to Orlando, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, New Orleans, LA, Reno, NV, Cancun or Puerta Vallarta, Mexico and many more vacations to choose from. •    32” Color TVThen he asked if we won the car would we allow our names to be publicized.  I answered no to that question.  Then he said that we would be asked to attend a travel related presentation for 90minutes and that I would receive a “gift package”.  We would need two forms of identification.  A driver’s license and a major credit card, no debit cards or checkbooks.  We would also need to bring the confirmation letter, which was emailed to me later.  Then Paul said that the presentation was on Saturday, November 13 and I could attend at either 10am or 12 noon and asked me which was most convenient.  This was the grand opening of World Class Travel in Tucson, AZ and they wanted to make a good impression.Later I Googled “World Class Travel” and they are a travel club that offers discounts on their travel for participating.  They require an upfront "good faith" deposit, which I understand runs in about $4,000 to $6,000, required to claim your prize or gift.  The amount of time to get the gift is unknown.  Refunds of the upfront deposit are also difficult to recoup if you never receive your gift.End of game for me.  I won’t be attending their “presentation” today.
Just got the message from Christopher to call 866-312-9553 x 109.  Said I had won from a entry made within the last 18 months and had made numerous calls.  The caller ID showed Prize Card Services at 708 248-7173.  Thought I'd check it out first.Last year I really did win a car in a church raffle.But seeing a different number and then said I won one of the top 4 prizes or would not be calling me.Right  I am also on the DNC list.
Nov 5 - same here in Mass. 773-891-5629 on caller id.
Similar number called here (773-591-8891) saying it was an urgent, time-sensitive matter and not a scam. Said his name was Sean, and the name on caller ID was "Prz Card Serv".
Same caller, same Prze Card Center, same message as all ones above on machine, but a different phone number . . probably got too many complaints on this one:  773 891 5584Giving away an awful lot of cars. Lol. Definite scam.
got a message today from "sean"  same thing.  told to call a different number than what was on caller ID.  said numerous attempts were made to contact me...
Just got the same call and message from Patrick , here in CT.  You can thank all those internet 411, etc sites that give your name, address and age out for the increase in these scammers now that we've hit 50.
I also just recevied a call on my answering machine from "Patrick" who said I won a prize from an entry that I completed within 18 months ago. He said that he has made several attempts to contact me (however, this was the first message.) Return number was: 877-279-3457 x243. Didn't call back ...
I got this same message from Mitchell's Comm. on Sept 16th, 2010 #708-248-6929.  Today Patrick left the same message from Comm Group NITC called 09-24-2010.  He also said it was for real that he knew all about the DNC list.
Got a call from Patrick. Said I won a car, had filled out form within 6 to 18 months so he can call a do not call list number. Said he has tried to reach me numerous times and this will be the last but i must contact them immediately. Left this number to call back 877-279-3457 X243. Caller ID was 773-891-5629 Prze Card Center. No "i" in prize. White pages .com reverse lookup says it is registered to   Khamraj Mookhram  Chicago, IL 60649(773) 891-5629Definitely scammers.
i just got the call too. seems they're making the rounds in maryland today.
keep calling me
ben receiving calls for 2 days idea about them. we are also on Do Not Call Registry.

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