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Called and told me I had won a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas.  I got the same call from 701-934-8989 half an hour earlier.  Look up the 701 number on for more info.  These people are crooks.
They rang for about a second then hung up
Got a call on cellphone. Rang for a while. No message left.
Missed a call
mě to taky volalo.....a řekl jsem ať si políbí a tipnul jsem to...chtěli osobni udaje....
Spedicka DPD
... někdo mi volal a nejde volat zpět ??? Nevíte někdo ?
a spanish accent claims you WON A PRIZE trip Vacationand to CLAIM NEED TO GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBERwhat idiot would do that?probably MANY DO  because many americans are stupidthat is why they callBEWARE AND DO NOT CALL BACKor press #1 to be removed from call listThis Site is GREAT TO CHECK NUMBERSkeep using it folks...
i had a missed call tis afternoon from this no. and when I searched it was a spam call !!!1 775 562 0197
I've gotten multiple phone calls from this number. It always seems to call me after I get my car serviced at my local dealership. I live in Washington. When you call back it says "This is a travel realated call and we will contact you shortly.". Theyr're probably preying on spanish speaking people who think that this is a regular occurance.
Hello everyone, yes I know who because I kept the creeps on the phone for over 55 minutes to find out, but to give you the goods now… it is all about TIMESHARES.To begin with, the area code is (775) Las Vegas which is only one of several "calling stations" this company uses. As it and the originating company are outside Canada, they do not have to adhere to Canadian laws on call restrictions, even if your on the DO NOT CALL LIST. As a side note, That list is available to anyone who signs in as a company, PERIOD so it is not of much use unless your being called by a Canadian company in Canada.Secondly, these call centers use computers to make random calls to every available number, those who answer get listed for future badgering, those who don't answer will be called again and again until it is proven to be a number of no consequence. This is not called "sequential dialing" because they are not calling them in order but every number is called.Next, you hear a recorded voice stating you have just won a trip to Cancun Mexico and if you want to know more Press 1. After a moment, a person comes on and practically says the same exact message but asks if you want to know more. Your response a) Yes - they transfer you to a "boiling room", that is where they put the screws to you. b) No, or any other answer, request such as taking your number off their list or any other remark - they will hang up on you. But don’t think that they wont call back because as far as the computer is concerned, you are still "unqualified" and if you had an attitude, it is far likely that you will get a return call, again and again.I had said yes this time and was able to keep the boilers on for 55 minutes acting dumb; but I was able to get what I wanted, the host companies. I was directed to the website where he tried to guide me through the site to his location in Cancun. I got Stan (3155) to tell me where the phone number list came from by telling him I didn’t sign up for anything. His reply was that someone else may have entered me in a contest or something and it was my lucky day!Nevertheless, I dug a little deeper to find out the backbone of this oldie-but-goodie "timeshare scam" is non-other than who have been doing this for years. Let me add that they now have these anonymous Dialer companies who nothing more than an extension of their umbrella corp. They set-up these overnight companies with the sole intention to abuse the numbers that will show on your display. Once the scam has run its course and quotas are filled, the phone number will be discarded and another will be found for the next bullrun.I was able to pick up a little information from the caller's background as other sellers would scream and cause a ruckus. This to me meant that one sale for her was a bunch of dollars in her pocket.Even though RCI, Resort Condominiums International, Ltd., keeps their site tidy without the connections to these less scrupulous companies, they are non the less different. In fact, RCI owns and acts out these attacks on persons at home, work and even on cellular phones where we pay the minutes for their pitch.I believe it is time all telephone marketing stops dead. It is nothing more than phone spam. I cant tell you of a single person who wants it. The government (CRTC) has absolutely no control over it, lest to say they hand out your number to who ever wants it and as usual the little guy just keeps taking it.I have only one suggestion to anyone here is to where you will finally see the truth of why companies will always trample on us. One should keep an open mind whilst taking this movie in but also a mind of the future for our children. Jacque Fresco is featured in this film and although he has some brilliant dreams for our children's children, he has no plan to get there. Enjoy.Oh ya, I called RCI @ 1-800-961-8354 and asked to speak to whomever managed their call list, after a moment, I was transferred and I requested not to be called again. The man asked for my number and after giving it to him, he assured me that it would be removed.
Got a little more info for you...the company who does the badgering (M4Sunset Group) for RCI is reported here...
Missed called at 8:59 pm Friday 2/6/09.
Keep getting calls from 775 562 0197 and spanish speaking voicemails. Kudos to the member who tracked it down to RCI!!!! You are awesome dude.
got a call from them at 12:03, ugh
got my call at 12:51
got a call at 1:10pm to my cell phone wasting my minutes
Just got my call at 11:21
got a call from this number just now but i didnt answer.a few secs later i got a voice mail in some martian voice saying something like "toora tooora blah blah blah!" funny! : P
Yep, just got called and "ignored" it. Everyone should do the same.

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