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same problem. they claim to be calling from the Ontario Economic Development Office.  They should be fined and/or shut down as its fraud to pose as a government agency.
Some spammer. He claimed to be from the "Business development office" When I asked who they were and what they were trying to sell me he repeated the business development office chit. When I asked if he was government he hung up. The area code seems to be New York but my webstats show no New York Activity. He had a Filipino accent
Some sort of business development thing, asking if we're going to move.No. No, we're not.  We will never move.  SO STOP CALLING.
Looks like CT IS THE NEXT TARGET LOCATION, many web postings dating back sometime but in different states. Will continue to look into this on the web. This is without a doubt a computer dialing random numbers and redirecting calls. We had kids on the other line with this number on caller ID its appears harmless at this time don't freak out. Like most of the other postings I have read, the common connection to my opinion is most people here a different people. They also say this is the first time they called. Even though you may have gotten 3 of more a day. The system dialer they use on computer isn't perfect, just the erason why sometimes there isn't anyone there.                                                                                                                               REMEMBER IT'S NOTHING BUT AN ANNOYANCE!
I live in CT and received the calls 3 times this week. When i pickup the line goes dead.  I call it back and it goes to someones cellular phone. The first time i called it was a woman the second time i called it back a man picked up who said a woman shouldnt have pickedup
something about auto loan net work, any idea who the company is? thought it was illigal to use fake caller id to get around privacy blocks?
i got a call from this number some thing about auto loan net work approved for loan, the guy refused to give me any info from the company and hung up. any idea who the company is? thought it was lilligal to use fake caller ID to get around privcy blocks?
This number has called my place of employment various times. We have caller ID at work and every time it comes up, everyone looks at me like I've done something wrong because they only ask for me when they call. I'm past upset!
I called and spoke with someone at the phone company after receiving a call from this idiot and was given this number: 1-888-966-6222 for the Annoyances Center. They help people going through this.SAVE THIS NUMBER
I received several calls from this number.  I called my cell phone provider and they say that this is a blocked number that someone has programmed to show up as 7778889999.  I finally answered and this guy foreign accent asks for some guy named Jeremy. The line is very muffled.  I told him to never call back.
have gotten 2 calls from the # today first time they saud nothing just kept the line open second time they were whispering something it was way creepy.. I live in Fl also..I am calling the cable company..
The 777-888-9999 is a cover to confuse the caller ID. The calls originate from several locations around the country. If a woman answers then you get a man with a heavy accent (Indian?) asking if she has (something garbled) and if she says not interested, they hang up. This is the first cal. All the calls afterward, they ask for the female BY NAME! Just how creepy is that? If your phone company has the capability, you can have the number blocked to not connect. Or anonymous call blocking will work too.
this number has called us 3 times today. Who are they?  We are in California.This is Memorial Day, and I wish they would leave us all alone.
this number called me like 6 times after i told them that they cant have any of my account info,when my husband told them to stop an indian man started calling and when i pick up he says f*** america over and over,the last time i heard a bomb and a child screaming really loud in the background.this man keeps calling me with the same thing 6 or more times a day
Now some of you should know, that YAHOO instant messenger allows you to make ld phone callsover IP (voip), and you can do it from your computer to any telephone  - land or cell.  A lot of folks are abusing it.  Even so, you have the choice of typing in a phone number that you want the receipient to see on their caller ID.  This masks your computer name.  In the case of all 7's, this is a common practice.  My best friend did it, to me.  If I were any of you, most of the time, just ignore the call, and not answer it.
this # calls every day a couple of times a day i live in florida wish it would just go away
Same, I think Seth (4/11/08) is right. I received this number 1 777 777 7777 and I believe this is a number calling from Yahoo messenger.  Caller tried to hide their ID. Would they bill my phone bill if I answered this call? Anybody.
Indian called telling me about a $150 phone for free. Told me it would be shipped to my house and activated for free.
been getting calls from this number for a few weeks, never had answered it, and never get a message left on machine! I am in California, looks like this number is wide spread.
from past 2 days i am getting call from a unknown no at 3 am on my TATA number..

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