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Just got 3 txts from this service. I went to and call the help #. They CS rep was nice and told me that my phone number was entered for an online subscription, replying to the txt was the first step. He took my number off the call list, and also told me that I wasn't signed up for any service(s)..I guess relpying actally gives them an DON'T REPLY, EVEN WITH STOP or STOP ALL..just call and complain.
Unwanted text messages from sendmemobile _  I understand others have been billed thru their carriers as much as $10/month per line without subscribing to anything.  I'll have to wait for my bill to come to see if I've been charge  Thanks
I've returned each of their text asking them to stop texting me.  How do I get these idiots to go away.
How did this subscription get on my phone bill?? I never buy any subscriptions from the phone or go to any websites and enter my phone number; and SendMe keeps charging me $9.99 and every month I call the carrier to have the charge reversed and now I have a purchase blocker on the phone. They've charged me well over $100, plus a lot of time with customer service trying to figure out who these people are.
They are*Apparently* I got charged because the phone number was "recycled" and the previous account did have service with these people for ring tones etc.  In a response from sendmemobile, they admit that they had several months ( 5! ) of billing failure then started it up again. Seems like several months of billing failure would stop things but obviously not.Anyway, they are supposedly sending a check for full refund - saying they cannot credit to the phone number.(There are no names used in these emails from them, just  SendMe Customer Care [])
hah! Talk about fraud!    They charged a phone line that is an air card - no cell phone so no ring tones and no text messages possible.Oh and Verizon says they can't get my money back for me but they have blocked them from further charges - at least to my line(s).
I called AT&T and had them remove the charges when they did this to me.  it takes one or two billing cycles, as they go back to the company to get the refund, but I don't have to deal with them.
if yuu have verizon you can call them and they will refund your money. i've done it before.
Please stop texting me
how do i stop this 77899 number?! its probablly costing me a lot of money. and it wont work when i type stop. wat do i do?!
Right after I noticed the charge of 9.99 on my bill I have called Sprint service and they were able to give me a refund for that charge. Than I cancelled the subscribtion on the sendmemobile web. Hope it will work and I won't be charged again.
This number keeps showing up in a text message on my Phone,and I don't even have a Text Messaging Service, and I will not pay anything that I did not agree to.I need to know what kind of Company this is so that I can call them or email them and have this removed.Thank You.
I got scammed by &, too. Verizon agreed to refund these charges only when I threatened to terminate my service. Fortunately, my contract is up in a couple months and it gave me some leverage. It's like these crooks are using Verizon as a collection agency. Forget the new every two crap - it's nothing more than fish bait. It just gives them an excuse to rip me off for another two years.
I started getting texts from 77899 after completing a quiz on Facebook. After finding this site, I went to, called the number listed under "Need Help?" which was 866-210-1637 and after pressing the number option for my cell phone carrier, I pressed "3" to talk to a live person.  She was very professional and explained that when I had approved them sending me the results of my quiz, I had agreed to 2 separate subscription services at $9.99 each.  I told her I never wanted them and she said she'd cancel my subscriptions, but she couldn't refund my money, $19.98!  I told her firmly, but nicely, that that wasn't good enough and that I wanted to talk to a supervisor.  She put me on hold, came back and said that they would mail me a refund check within 3 weeks.  I made sure to get her name and a confirmation number just to be sure.  Now I just need to be sure they send a check.  Good luck!
My family started getting messages from 77899.  No one in our family plan ever subscribed to any web site.  I called verizon wireless and they put a block on these premium services to all our phones.  They also told be to send a message to 77899 and enter STOP or STOP ALL.  That didn't stop the texts messages.  They continue to come but a blocked message now appears.  IT'S VERY ANNOYING. I have also been told by my provider to call an 800 number who can look further into this.  I will do this next.
Just go to and click "need help?" in the top right hand corner. Then, click how do I cancel my subscription? then click the subscription thing and press yes and wahlah it should have worked. This just happened to me and i did that and it worked. so...bye!! hope this sorta helped.
There doesn't appear to be any way to stop the charges from this number. I tried to text STOP but the number is not valid.
I was getting annoying text from this number like every three days. Found out that I actually have been charge $10 a month from the company. I immeditally called and had them take my numer off the subscription.
This number 77899 & 23687 are from & and they are committing FRAUD and billing your cell phone provider $9.99 for each service.  When you call their customer service number of 877-373-6363 they tell you that there is nothing they can do because they already charged us, EVEN THOUGH I replied and hit STOP, they still charged.  So basically, they are charging us and taking our money with no customer service skills and how fraudulent they are on how they do business.  SPREAD THE WORD!!  Not sure where else to go with this but this is wrong.
this number keeps texting me and when I reply STOP it doesnt work!!!!

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