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Well, I am growing very tired of this company and am looking to find information to file a formal complaint for harrassment against the company.  Today I started receiving calls from them at about 9 am pst and received about 2 calls an hour till 8 pm pst.  This is getting bothersome and begining to feel like harrassment.  The only thing I can think of is if the SAT list was sold to some company since they seem to be calling people with teens.  We listed my # not my daughters when we registered her for the SAT's this year.
This number started calling me 3 days ago- since then I've gotten 10 calls but I haven't had the chance to answer any.  They don't leave a message.
they have called me 4 times today. twice i let it go to voicemail and when i check it, nothing. the third time i answered and there was no response. and the last time they called, which was a few minutes ago i answered and they said my name and asked for my parents. so i hung up. this isnt the first unknown number asking about college.
this number calls my place of employment 3 to 4 times a day. I did not request anything from this company and I would like for them to stop calling my number please.
They called me five times today (8/13/10) including one voice message. As I am not awre of this number, I did not take the calls. When I listened to the voice message, no message was left. It is very annoying.
I have received multiple calls from this number.  I do not answer.  They call 3-4 times a day!
I called them back and it gave me the option to have our number removed from their calling list. Hopefully it will work. They have been calling 4-5 times a day.
Call several times a day for months now.  We don't answer, but we are so tired of the calls and aren't interested in speaking with them.
they call frequently, ask for me by name, and then hang up
7.2.2010 evening, the 2nd call already! just ring and hang-up. The 786-358-5603 dont care the Do NOT Call list! WS learning Center need to learn more law first!
They are operating from an 804 area code as well.  The feds need to shut this one down!
Andrea from 1st national whatever.....I am so sick & tired!!!! they are trying to reach a person who is not me and they don't cesae calling!!
holy f*** they ask for my parents and i said i was them and they said no your not i need to speak to them.
These calls are getting very bothersome. They call usually about 5 times a day and there is never anyone on the other end when i answer. The only time someone talked was when my teenager answered the phone and they told her that they needed to speak with one of her parents. I was not home at the time but my poor child thought she must have done something wrong with how the person was on the other end of the phone. I wish these calls would stop.
omg this number called me i thought i was in deep doo cause they asked for my parents and it was a long distant number and the lady was a total bizy she was so rude.. im starting to get annoyed because everyone on here is like they call 5 times a day.. no thats not bout to go down in my house lol. but like they called about some college prep program and so yea ...this isnt okay
I got calls several times but there was no one speaking from the other end.
Stop calling me this is getting old.
i keep getting calls as well, nothing gets rid of the number the person says nothing its weird, the business is located in miami and im in washington so im not sure what is going on.
I'm getting calls 4 - 5 times a day from this number. I got a live person when I called it back who insisted any call from his number was a "mistake". It seems to be the same WS learning center with a different phone number, I plan to report this to the better business bureau.  How annoying.
Live Caller stated "Your child had applied for a scholarship" and asked to speak with the parent. They then asked if I had any high school age children who might have applied for a scholarship. I said no, they said thank you and hung up.We have a unpublished and unlisted phone number, but they called us by name. We have had no previous interaction with this "company". I Googled the company name, but the web-site didn't have very much info, and there were several complaints about another phone number using this company name.

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