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my son text'd this number and it has cost me £25 so far, I have text'd STOP back to it and hopefully no more charges, tho sum1 has told me to ring them up as he is only 15 and I might get my money back!!!
My son has had two lots of text messages at £30 a time from 78878, I have tracked this down to a company called I have contacted them and I am now awaiting a reply from them.My son has never used this service ( or any service via his phone )and he said he received two texts at different times saying to stop using this service text STOP so he did !!.This is some sort of scam it has to be, txtnation said my son got back usernames and passwords both user names where different each time so if you where going to play a game you would use the same username all the time ?.  I am not willing to hand over £60 to some scammers, has any body any helpfull ideas on this matter.
I Hate theese hustlers :L
Ha! NoobsI f***ing own GP. I did the biggest mother f***ing spree ever. 'nuff said.
someone who was hacked on facebook told me to text this number
Yes i play gp its a sick game and when i find theese peoples ama Go badman on there a** Rami Mother F***ers though
Rami sugar goin down
Hello all.I'm the Administrator of Gangster Paradise [] and I have been looking into this matter now.This is a SCAM and please be aware of those who exploit this.Thanks,Anthony
i was added on msn by some1 with the addy asking me to vote for her modelling comp via text,saying gp1 375   to:78878looked it up and turned out to be a scamjust watch out.
kaylee foster on msn... addy:   said about a free cam show so i txt 78878. and it sent 3 messages back and a password she took password and i paid. i then searched it up and it was paying for credits on a game called is there anyway to get money back???
this number texted my number 3 times within 2 minutes, each charged at £8.50 plus VAT
i had the same problem but was texting west midlands bus service and sed sme thing abt gp2 and i was like :S
It's just a big scam, you must of text that number at some point or a number relating to it. Ringtone, prize claim, sexy webcam show, anything really.
they told me that my auntie won a voucher and he instructed me to text a code GP1375 to 78878 and he said that it will only cost 5p - 10p but then i was deducted with £10. I receive a message "1. Visit via your mobile internet to proceed for content, help and support"
Hi, txtNation are an aggregator providing premium SMS connectivity to clients that operate mobile services to consumers. We take issues like this very seriously, so could you please give us more details so we can block this client and get you a refund as it sounds to be misleading. Please contact txtNation via where we can assist further.
My Grandson text requested a tune on 78878 received three texts back charged at £8.51 each did not receive tune. Tried again two days later, same result charged another three times £8.51 each. Nothing received. Telephone contact number held by 02 for 78878 permanently engaged.
i am being charges ten pounds per text received from this number even when blocked the number. please help
Go to   and enter that number.PhonePayPlus, the premioum rate Regulator has details and will tell you how to complain.

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