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Im a crazy man when i finda you i will killa you you try to rob me but you cant the USA already try
To all of you that is so concerned that they might have your phone number. They don’t. They sequentially generate the numbers and dial them. They way they get confirmation that they have a hit is usually if you are dumb enough to reply to the message. Then they have confirmation on the number and you are hooked or actually scammed. So do NOT REPLY.If you really feel the urge to call the number or mail the email, dial from a landline or mail from a bogus email account created just for that.And report it
dear phone user, your number has won 2000000 in the free lotto mobile promo.nice try........
got da same message just a few minutes ago saying da same thing its a scam but i want 2 knw how da hel did they get me ph number pricks........
just recieved a message on my phone saying dear phone user your number has won $2,000,000 in the free lotto mobile promo. To file claim contract; & call +447035911918
Ive just won 2000000 dollars Bu***hit!. I wanna know who gave away my number so i can eliminate all contact with them wether it be a bank or whatever im suss on NAB and dodo
I got this same message and would like to know if anyone has actually gotten through to the phone number or has recieved anything?
i got a mesage saying i've won 2million but havn't seen a cent yet!!!
i supposedly won 2 million dollars. Some scam!!!
Claim that I have won $2,000,000 in the free  lotto mobile promo. to file claim, contact: call: 447035911918. Have not been able to make.  Contact and I am also anxious to give them my banking details.
Alright then, so where have we all submitted our phone numbers lately? I think someone needs to pay for the unsolicited personal information being distributed.What other information do they have?
Im very concerned about how these pricks got my number.
DEAR PHONE USER, YOUR NUMBER HAS WON $2000000 IN THE FREE LOTTO MOBILE PROTO TO CLAIM...I believe this is some sort of scam/phishing attack
Received message on July 02 at 3.25am. DEAR PHONE USER, YOUR NUMBER HAS WON $2,000,000 IN THE FREE LOTTO MOBILE PROMO. TO FILE CLAIM,CONTACT: & CALL: +447035911918The first thing I thought when I received this message was: "This is a scam"Call Type: SMSCaller: mobileclaimsdept2010@9.nFrom: +447909586305
recieved a messaage from lotto mobilepromo. emaqil address( and no:+447035911918 pls check this information
Här är ett av mina sista brev.Vet inte hur mycket som är sant.Ringde numret men dom fatta inget. :)hello my angel Jonte!!my one and only love!!when ever i read your mails my heart goes fast!!Thank you for the photos of your new house!Your new house is very nice. I like it verymuch!;-)I have computer at home but now I dont have internet at home.Internet in Russia very expensive:-((Therefore I can send your my mail only from my work place.I looked the link which you sent me! And I must say you that my letters not the same as there!!!!And there is not my passport!!!There may not be my passport!I am very sad that you think that I am try to betray you because it is not so!I have true feelings to you and I want to be with you!I sent you my address in Khabarovsk!!! In some letters ago!My address is:Anna SlotinaSuvorova street 48-10Khabarovsk 680000Russia.My work address:I work in company "OOO "Kompanya Marlen"".Address is:Prospekt 60th Oktyabrya 217Khabarovsk 680009Russia.telefone number +7 (4212) 274575. But its not my number. I have only internal telephone! I dont know how to describe it on English:-( i love you, i love your mail and every single word but mostly i love your sweet dreams and i want to make it come true!!all our dreams come true!!i?m sure about it!!and when ever i think of you i?m happy and i smile and every thing is good!!if i wake up in the morning i think of you because i dream from you in the night!!my love to you is very strong and i hope the day we will meet us comes soon!!so i will take you in my arms and give you a long and very lovley kiss!!we hold us and around us there is nothing!!only you and me and our love!!i think we understand us!!my english is not perfect but i do everithing that we understand us!!and if you crying and i?m near you i kiss your tears away and all things are good!!i love you and that is true!!!!with this words i will ending my mail and send you 10000000000000000000000 kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you my darling,my honey,my angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yours Anna!!!!!Hälsningar Jonte
Impostor2:Det brevet fick jag den 1/10 men alla brev innehåller samma skitsnack.Jag vet inte vart hon ringer ifrån men det är ett mobilnr.Vi ska inte avslöja henne än vi ska ha kul med henne först. sen skriver vi    att vi vet om varandra till henne. Fick ett sms i dag i det skrev hon I love you!!I miss you darling!!
Jag har passbild på henne med och kontonummer pengarna ska in på :)Jag har 20 bilder på henne med :) Skicka inge pengar till henne.Information about bank account:The bank name: OAO "ALPHA BANK"BIK bank: 044525593swift: ALFARUMMThe correspondent account: 30101810200000000593Full name of the client: Ryabchikova Elena VasilevnaAccount number: Eur: 40817978607000002547Har ett utdrag från passkontroll med:Passport Number: 40 03 270188Passport Holder: Slotina Anna Andreevna, 23.08.1978, bornKomsomoslk-na-Amure (wrong spelling!)Date Issued: 04.04.2003Issuing Agency: 36th Police Department of North District of Khabarovsk city,Department Code 782-036The results of the check were mixed.The passport #40 03 270288 is a valid passport number (it means that thereis a record for this passport number in the official databases), HOWEVER,the records indicate that the passport was issued in St. Petersburg, Russia,and not in Khabarovsk city, Russia. NOTES:After receiving mixed results from the check, we performed additionalresearch. We found out that the 36th Police Department with the code number782-036 is indeed located in St. Petersburg. There is no information that wecould find that would indicate that there is 36th Police Department inKhabarovsk at all.Unfortunately, although the database allows us to check whether or not thepassport number exists in its records, it does not allow us to look up thename of the holder of that passport. We can only find out that the passportwas issued in St. Petersburg. Additionally, the name of the city where Anna was born, Komsomolsk-na-Amure,is misspelled on Anna's passport (it says "Komsomoslk"). That is a veryunusual error for an official document. CONCLUSION: Although the passport number is valid, the information printedon the passport does not match the official data, and some of theinformation on the passport is misspelled. Our best conclusion is that apassport that was issued in St. Petersburg was used to make a scan, and thensomebody modified the data on the scanned image (such as the city where itwas issued) using some image editing software. We would warn you that it isa serious indication that the passport is being used for less than honestpurposes.If Ms. Slotina is asking you for money for any kind of travel expenses, thenwe would advise you that most likely you are dealing with a fraud. Hoppas det hjälper att fatta bluffen......Jonte
Tack Jonte bra infomation det uppskattas mycket.
Jag har samma kontonummer och samma namn som jonte har tack mycket stor hjälp.

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