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They also call my home at all hours. They leave no messages on the machine and they won't tell my fiancee who they are when they actually do speak and don't just sit there when she answers.We are going to do what Kellie has suggested. We just tried and were on hold for 10 mins after hitting the "1" to remove us from their call list.This is so very annoying.
they cal my house at least 10 times a day now even be4 9 am
this  number has  been  calling my cell  for days  now  never  say  anything   im  not gonna pick up   but some  one needs to  go after them  and arrest them
This number keeps calling all hours of the day and nitght.  They ask for My Boyfriend and i said he is not avail can i take a message. They hang up! They called again 15 minutes later and i said " your number just called and ask for someone else, i told him i would take and message" they hung up again!!!  WTF is there problem and HOW the HELL did they get my #????  STOP CALLING MY PHONE!!!  I have tryed calling the state and they have nothing on file for them!! What can We do about this?????
dis number keeps f***ing callin me, i get calls from dis number all times during the day and nite and it pisses me off cuz noone talks, its just slient
Obviously no one knows who is calling from this number and this site seems more like a venting session rather then finding out how to stop this caller from calling our phones. Is anyone really looking at these comments and is this really going to get resloved or are we just letting out our futrations here?
has called 3-8x's per day asking for my son. i told him my son is a marine over in iraq. called back less then 5 min later and when i asked who was calling he hangs up.this is harrassment. one number calling more than 1x a week is illegal. who the hell is this. i call back and the it says can't complete number as dialed
this is the 3rd call since this morning. Idisguised my voice to make it sound like my son and when he told me i was approved for the car loan i applied for i let him really know that i was my sons mother. i told him my son was over in iraq as a marine and that what he was doing was illegal and there was no way my son contacted them. i spoke to a matt peterson and he is from california. i told him when i try to call back it tells me it is an invalid number and he gave me the number to the california base called at8772076662. please use this information to help yourselves out. he said he would take me off the call list so lets see people.if you have to do what i have, get as much information as u can and pretend to be who they want to talk to if u have to and then let them know who u are. again matt petterson is who i spoke to
keeps calling, I'm not home, leaves no message.  I try to call back and it says it can't complete the call, check number.
They called me a total of 11 times in the past 24 hours so I eventually had my boyfriend answer it. When he got mad and asked them why they were calling, their response was "to F#&$ your wife" and hung up. Now tell me how this is NOT considered harassment?!!! I'm fed up with it.
stop calling me i dont want anything from you!!
My Phone too....all hours of the night. Please Stop!
calls all the time and never says anything
Stop calling my phone
I received a call from this number and they said my car loan had been approved. I haven't applied for a car loan!!
Stop calling me
numerous calls from 793-524-1254.
stop calling my phone.
Yes, my phone too.
Has called my phone numerous times but doesn't say anthing.

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