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Got several messages from this number stating that it is the Santander Fraud Dept.  Didn't trust the number to ring it back so dialled Santander direct.  Turns out it was them ringing as they believed that some unusual activity had taken place on my card.  My advice would be to ring them direct, dont ring them back on the number left within the message.  As someone else has said, its probably an international call centre at Intl rates!!!!
I was getting abusive phone calls from companies like this but because I live in Scotland, I qualify for a form of IVA called a Trust Deed. I found the creditor calls died down almost immediately and I was able to get a good nights sleep for the first time in ages.I thought or (hoped) they had gone bust by now, sadly not. Money never sleeps!For impartial advice about debts try this website:
Yeah, Cancelled my vodafone contract yesterday.
It's not fake. It goes through a security check and then reads out a number of transactions on the account and asks you to confirm if they're genuine. There's no way anyone other than VISA or my bank can know the three specific amounts and the vendors. People who are saying this is fake are incorrect.I had this come up because I just bought something online from a US store then bought something online from a UK store. This kind of 21st century buying practice seems to throw them off a bit :)This isn't the first time it's come up either.
oh m y god!!!! a conspiracy!!!! you bastards
and i canceled a vodafone contract a couple days ago
I can concur with everyone else on herecancelled a Vodfone contract last week and this number rang me twice today approx 14.30 and 18.30, I answered after approx 2 rings and they hung upIs this supposed to encourage me to have a contract with them in the future? Surely there is a brain cell within their marketing strategy that realises people can look up numbers on a site such as this!?!?
Got a call from 008080024636? Report it and awaiting answerI pick up but now one there.
Thakns for the info guys.. I kept getting called from it, and can't just be coincidence I have also ended a contract with them.i know who to complain to now.
yes i had this call on Sunday at 10.53am it was alto by Santander.
I live in the UK and have a Santander debit card, I bought some books totaling to about $120 from the USA on yesterday and then got this call today.This is a genuine call from the Santander fraud department and is an automated call, the first question is to confirm your name second is to confirm your birth day and month they give you 4 dates and you have to select the correct one and last is to confirm your birth year, here you get no options you have to enter the correct year.Next they read out your last 5 transactions then you can press to hear them in more detail, if you did authorise these transactions you press 1 to confirm they are ok then you get a message thanking you for your time and they will continue to monitor your account for suspicious activity, or if you did not authorise any of the last 5 transactions you have to press 2.This is very good of them because I would like to know if somebody was using my card and stop them right away.They do not ask for your address, mothers name, account number, card number, expiry date or pin number.
I've had loads from this number. I've not answered any because i don't trust the dodgy looking number.I've recently cancelled a contract with Vodafone so it could be them phoning. It's obvious that this strange looking number is putting people off from answering. I only answer calls from numbers that i am familliar with. Best way!
I think the whole point of this is to get you to call back, because they charge you for the call, thus making a huge amount of cash in the process. I don't have a Santander/Abbey account either.
i want to knw who call me
I have had two calls from this number. The caller just hangs up, so if they don't really want to talk, why are they calling. I am wondering if it's a ploy to get you to call them back, and would be a costly call. I would really be interested to know who the number belongs to, weather it's a person, or company.
It's Vodafone!! They will keep calling untill you answer.......Trust me i work there
Hmmm The plot thickens .. This +8453512275 has rung me 3 times this morning , beginning at 7.30 this morning !  I dont and never will answer numbers i don't know . Well i have read the other posts and i have to add that i DON'T have a Santander/Abbey account . So this sounds very fishy to me ..And i havent had this mobile number for very long so would have no idea where they would have got it from .. Maybe i should call them and catch them out ? LOL ..When other members have returned the call , do they call you by your full name and quote your post code ? If they don't know that then they dont know you do they ...
had a call from the above number. didn't answer it as it looked from another country and after reading the forum i am pleased i didn't.just thought i'd report they have attempted a call to my vodafone number and are still scamming
I too am being called by this number - is there anyone we can report it to?  I haven't answered it and don't plan to!
I also had a missed call from this number today - tried to ring it back but it wasn't recognised.

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