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They called me twice today. Something about being Willams and Fletch?! If they ARE loan collectors, my loan people need to get on ball. I have papwerwork from them. Why'd they be calling me?!
A woman from this number called me 3/31/09, at 7:35 a.m., asking for "Raul." Told her she must have the wrong number. She asked again, and I said, "What number were you calling?" She gave my phone number, and asked if my first name was "_____" (which it is). Again, I said she had the wrong number, that I don't know anyone named Raul. She said he said I was a relative of his. I said I don't have any relatives by that name, and hung up.
They have called every family member I have ever had including ex in-laws of my SISTERS!!!  They managed to get my mother on the phone and told her I was running from the police and they needed her to help them get me to justice!!!  I am a SCHOOL TEACHER and VERY upright individual!!  They called my mother in law to tell her I used her as a reference on a job application and needed her to verify my information and whereabouts.  I have talked to them, written them, emailed them.....NOTHING gets them to stop tormenting you!!!  These people came straight from the bowels of hell.
I know of this company because it happens to be in the town I live in.  They don't buy the loans from anyone you ignorant bastards...they represent almost every college or university in the country as well as the federal perkins loan program...people who don't pay their loans back have a lot of nerve saying the things you people have said in your posts your bill to whatever school you owe so others can be extended the oppertunity of higher education like you had.  If not and you want to ignore them that's fine I will laugh at every single one of you when you get sued for not paying the federal govt back your loans....bitching online in front of God and everybody about a collection agency calling you basically screams "I'm a loser and I don't pay my bills."  geeze think before you type people.
They called me today. I've never heard of them. I had to look them up based on the number from the caller id. The message got cut off of my answering machine. I only got the first three numbers, not including the area code. The numbers they started to give me was not the same as the caller id number. Apparently they collect on student loans that are due. I've NEVER taken out any kind of loan from anyone. I don't even have a credit card. Could they be trying to give me a loan?
They called a few days ago, left no message on my answering machine. Caller ID just said "Unknown Name". Most likely they're looking for the clown who used to have this number before we got it, as we get calls from everyone under the sun, looking for that guy.
They are a collection agency for student loans from Williams and Fudge. Which is probably a huge call center ( not some prestigious office).
I knew something was up... they called my parents house looking for me, and no one I know would do that b/c I haven't lived there in 7 years. But at the same token, I pay my student loan every month. What do they want with me?
Just got this call on Thanksgiving Day!  Thank the Fed for this one.  They are selling student loans to these sock cuckers.
This number just called me, I answered, and all I got was a couple of clicks as someone hung up on me.
I just googled this also.  This happens to be Veterans Day and a Holiday.  What the hell are they doing calling people on a holiday.  I have nothing in collections.  I pay my bills.  I have no idea why they are calling.  Next time I will answer it and put them straight.
I just googled this number and found this webpage. I found out this Williams and Fudge called my dad in reference to my brother in law's wife. I don't know how in God's green earth they got my parents number. This just happened a few hours ago. I'm still furious.
These people call me at least 3 times a day. Turns out my School The Art Institute of Pittsburgh didn't borrow enough money on my actual loans to cover school costs and now that I'm done they put this into collection WITHOUT contacting me first! These people want at least $350 a month!!!! That's almost a rent payment! Worst of all I know at least 6 other people that the same school did this too... seems like a nice scam they have going.
They are lowlifes. This woman calls my house 4 times a day, I got caller ID and what shows up is "South Carolina" on my ID box, they don't ID themselves. They have some fancy company name to sound like lawyers but they nothing more then a dirt bag collection agency. If you are not home when they call federal law prohibits them from asking anyone else but you for info. I was not home and they started asking my relatives for my cell phone number and my work number...NEVER give them any info..they will call you at work, home, cell phone..they will harass you.. TELL THEM NOTHINGn6m8
They call day and night. Today they have called like 10 times. They also call to my mom's house. She and my dad told to them that we just don't live there. I got married 2 years ago and I don't live with them since. They're calling form my husband to my parent's house every hour possible. Tuesday, some guy with Argentinian accent called them. Why they don't leave messages on answering machines. They should know they're doing something illegal.
This number called me and called me. Most of the time when these people call they leave me a voicemail, including a name and number where to reach them at. This number did not, which really drew red flags with me. I have had a problem with CitiBank so it would not surprise me if this was them.
I get the call and I am reviewing the caller ID it hangs up/ Three times today. Who is this call originating from?
These people - NCO Financial Inc. - are some of the WORST in the collections industry. They are rude, and will hound you day * night, through home phones, cell phones, employer phones, relatives' phones, and even through TOTAL STRANGERS... whom THEY believe MIGHT be related to you.  They search places like that lists your name and location and POTENTIAL relatives, - then use information obtained this way to track you down as if you were an animal!  Yes, they ARE heartless thugs whose ONLY concern is how many dollars they can get you to pay - because it directly affects the number of dollars the agents get in THEIR pockets.Here is some of the BEST information I have located on this company... at a website of a man who has been in the credit business for over 25 years.  Check it out and let him help you if you need it.  Go to: http://www.budhibbs.comThere is a LOT of great information at that site, and he DOES answer his email promptly should you choose to contact him directly.As for the LIARS, and/or other rude, unprofessional people hired by NCO, Citibank, and similar companies to attempt to collect monies from you.... just ignore them. Turn off your ringer; Don't answer calls from restricted or unfamiliar numbers; Let your voice mail answer it, or when Caller ID shows "Unknown Caller", - tell them they have reached an unknown person, and when they figure out WHO they are and where they are calling from, etc., - that perhaps you might be able to remember who YOU are.  <grin> :)(Sorry, - but I just can't stand these types of liars who pretend to be a long lost buddy until they know they have you on the phone and then they start in on you as if you had murdered Mother Theresa or something.... telling you you are scum or a deadbeat, -- then threatening you with jail and/or lawsuits if you do not pay them immediately, etc.!   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!Either way - DO NOT talk to them, pay them, or give them ANY information UNTIL AFTER you have gone to the web site of will lead you in the RIGHT direction... and is a NICE man to boot! :0Good luck, and God Bless,- Sarah Jones
I returned these calls several times and all they wanted to do was varify mine or my husbands social security numbers, sounds like some sort of scam, I am also on the no call list, when speaking to their rep, she told me to go ahead and report these calls she was almost threatening me to do so, I granted her threat...keep calling and I will grant your wish everytime....
This number belongs to CITIFINANCIAL. They keep calling you a hundred times even if you are a minute past due date. Never ever deal with CITIFINANCIAL or anything under their brand name. To pay the amount due, we have to pay $15 as transaction fees. In their own words - you have the option to pay $15 as transaction fee or pay $39 as late charge fees. By the way they call $15 as courtesy fees and thats a big joke. Never ever go with no interest equal monthly payment option. You may or may not receive your first month bill but for sure you will receive your second month bill with late charge fees of $39. They are trying to recover the $20 billion mortgage write off by all means. They are already in mud and digging themselves deep further with such a nasty customer service. Blame it on the government too, they are the first to rescue these banks.

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