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I just called the number back and selected to be on their do not call list. I had to key in my phone number. I hope this works
804 412-8246 calls come at least 8 times a day. How do I stop this? This is the worst phone problem we have ever had and it starts at 8a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
I've been getting phone calls from this number for days now and I pick up and they end the call. It's a waste of my cell minutes. I took the advice on here, called the number and took myself off of their call list. Needless to say, they JUST called me..I yelled at them and told them to stop calling me, I'm furious. The woman gave me such attitude and was like "we're trying to reach your parents". I told her to f*** off and leave me alone. They are SO obnoxious, they call 2 times a day.
Got a call on my cell phone! I didn't answer. Never heard of this company b4 and I've never contacted them. But I did get their info at  So, HA!e-mail: schoolsales@wordsmart.comCustomer Svc: 1-800-641-9673 (M-F, 9-5pm PST)Phone: 1-800-910-9673Fax: 1-858-565-8413 (maybe they'd like to recieve a fax from each one of us -see how they like it)Mailing Address:Wordsmart Corp. 10025 Mesa Rim RoadSan Diego, CA 92121
These clowns are registered with the BBB. Take five minutes and make a complaint. I called them back and talked to an agent who wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor. I told them I was complaining to the BBB nut they didn't seem surprised. company contact info(800) 858-9673(800) 429-9673(858) 565-8068 10025 Mesa Rim RdSan Diego, CA 92121
Calls 2 to 3 times a day for the past month, when we awnser no one is on the line and no one leaves a message, how do we make it stop
I'm sick of this crap!!!
got a call this afternoon from them, left no message. previous posts mentioned a mazda satisfaction survey. i just bought a mazda a week ago, so that's probably what it was.
I've had this number on my caller ID several times and finally decided to answer it.  At first no one spoke and I was about to hang up when someone spoke and asked for the parents of (my daughter's name) and said we had indicated an interest in SAT study materials (which I don't recall doing). I told her it wasn't a good time and she said she would call back but didn't aske when a better time would be.
Called on 7/15/09 at 5:30PM - automated message.  Then missed their call on 7/16/09 at 7:30PM - left automated message.  Company name sounded like "MERIT RESEARCH" - according to automated message, they do surveys, not telemarketer - who cares what they do!  They have my personal cell phone #.  Someone mentioned Mazda (I had recent activity with them) above, so will contact Mazda to ask and to let them know that this was not appreciated.I've also put my cell# on the DO NOT CALL list...What's the technicality? surveys?
When you call back, they start off with an apology if their call "caused any inconvenience".  Apparently, they are completely ignorant of the law.You get the options of pressing "1" to speak with someone about taking advantage of their offer or pressing "2" to add your number to their "do not call" list.Taking the second option asks you to enter your ten-digit phone number.Let's see what happens.  If they call me again, I'm going to see what lawyers say...
I just got a call from this number--there was nobody on the line.  SAT prep material?  I'm a grad student--a little past the SAT stage--and my oldest son is only 10.  Where do they get the numbers to call?
They JUST called me and I didn't answer - on purpose. Thank goodness! Isn't this illigal since I'm on the "Do Not Call" registry?
getting calls from this number for a few days now. never answered but googled it and found this.
Called me at 20:23 CST. Did not answer. They did not leave a message.
I get at least four to five calls a night from this number. I let my answering machine take it they just hang up.
The worst salesperson I ever encountered from WordSmart/804-412-8246.  She offered me discount to one of the WordSmart packages (they have a few) and I told her I was not sure that is the one I was interested in, and needed time to check it out.  Then she started berating me for not knowing what to buy.  Oh mind, telling your customer that he does not know what he is doing is surely a way to lose the business.
called cell. did not leave a msg
They have been calling three times a day for two weeks now wanting to sell SAT prep DVD's.  I've told them many times I am not interested and they still call for my daughter.
This company calls even when you tell them "im not interested"  I've told them three times already "please stop calling"  They are trying to sale SAT prep materials.  They are calling for my teenage son.

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