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Received two of these calls here in Tampa, FL. Didn't answer. I'm sure it's because I'm job hunting and have posted resumes online with my phone #. These filthy scumbags get peoples phone #'s from fake job postings and try to scam you into some product or service. It's pretty common and despicable. Be aware at all times!!!
They call and don't even leave a message.  I don't even pick it up. Hopefully they'll stop.
unknown call to my pre-paid cell phone and my husband's too--I never ever called these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they called and said the where with get you online degree - hung up - they also caller id at time as 805-204-0184
Just recv'd a call from 805-204-0174. Looked the # up online and found several complaints against this number as an online degree business. I'm on the Do not call registry, I'm reporting this number!
just got a call from 1-805-204-0174 called it back after they left no message.the call was from getmydegreeonline. it took two press #1 prompts to remove my number from their phonelist.i`ll let you know if they call back
got 2 calls from this number but if they cant leave a message it cant be to important
Yeah I applied for stuff via yahoo hot jobs and other sites, so they have been harassing me too. Never answered their calls until today, so I picked it up and they asked about furthering my education as well. then I just hung up. I bet they will continue doing do.
They just called my house twice in 5 min. They ask for my roommate and then I ask to take a message and they said no thanks they will try again. I think next time I will say, if you dont want to leave a message I will not answer this number ever again. I have worked for the "for profit" school industry and had to get out because of their techniques in trying to aquire students. ITS BS and when they tell you you will get a job when you graduate, they will place you in a job you could have received if you never went to school and call it a "placement" to their accredditing body. Dont fall for their lies!
applied for job (yahoo) and received 2 calls yesterday on my cell phone from this number with no message
annoying online school degree thanks quit calling
I have been getting a couple of calls a day from this number also and they never leave a message. I choose to ignore them as I don't know the number, but they are very annoying. I also have applied for jobs online through Yahoo and AOL. By the way these calls are all to my cell phone. I get alot of unknown calls on my home phone also with no messages.
I have received the call twice on my cell and haven't answered and they haven't left a message either time. But i have recently applied for jobs through yahoo hot jobs, so maybe there is a similarity...
Starting getting calls from this number yesterday. Picked it up once and no one on the other end. I suspect an auto-generated call. I don't know what they think they're accomplishing since there is no dialog, no sales pitch, no nothing. Whatever it is , I'M NOT BUYING!
got 2 calls in one day. Will not even leave a message. Very irritating!!
also from an online school....
it's virgin mobil
i dont know who this is
i was spammed from yahoo jobs, and ever since then, my email is crowded with spam from companies that appear to be needing more information about the places i applied for.i've also been receiving solicitous phone calls from companies offering mortgages and so on, has been calling me from that point forward. i got a call from this # asking if i inquired about enrolling in school. when i told the representative i was not interested in enrolling in school, he questioned me in disbelief. when i told them i was spammed and asked to be taken off their call log, the representative said nothing. a moment of dead air passed, and when i asked him again, he said he was "getting that taken care of", then an instant later, hung up.
Anyone else getting calls from this phone number?

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