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They call all times of the day   doesn't matter dont' know who they are since they don't say a freakin word.  Kinda tired of it.  Don't people have better things to do than bother people?
If you call 1-800-768-0653 then press 9. It will confirm your phone number and remove you from their list. If you call the original number it will give you that as an option. Its the Michigan chapter of the VFW. I hope this helps I know it was a pain in the a** until I figured it out.
got a call he asked for a barbara (i think) flankenstein?  for crying out loud, i repeated frankenstein?  no, flankenstein.  anyway, something about collecting money for disabled paralyzed veterans.  he said they send decals, etc... when you donate.  i didn't have the $10.00 minimum he said i could pledge with a credit card/visa or mastercard.  then stated the next amount was $20.00 that i could pay the first of the month.  so "supposedly" i will get the decals and whatever else this gentleman mentioned in the mail along with the sheet to make a donation.  he also stated that the donation was tax deductible and that paperwork would be enclosed as well.  shall see.take care, happy holidaysmrs. jones
Dont call my house playing on the line nobody never says anything but call constestly
Caller stated he was George Smith from the VFW solicatating donations for calling cards for our GI's in Iraq and Afghanistan. Told him to send someone to my house, in uniform, with the proper ID and I will give.  I checked with my local VFW and they DO NOT do this, so this is a scam and a good one.  While I support our troops and do give to my local VFW, etc. I will NOT fall for a scam like this.
I got a call from this number today. First one that I know of. Just static on the answering machine.
These calls are a fraud.  DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. DO NOT VERIFY IT. They are a credit card scam group. The reason those numbers are not a full phone number is that they are most likely using SKYPE or some other internet phone service to place their calls. If it sounds like they have your info, get a voice authorization note put on your ssn through the credit comapanies
We've been getting calls from this number for months.  On answering machine there's nothing but static. I answered the phone tonight and no one was there. I called the number and it's disconnected?  Someone's calling from somewhere!
i get a call from this number 4 times a day...sometimes even at 10-11pm at night...they never say anything and hang up after a few minutes...getting sick and tired of getting woke up by these "fake" people!!!!
Got a call from this number today. The I.D. said "local area call". Let it go to the machine, but no message. Tried calling back and a recording said it was not in service.
Got one too...Let it go to Voicemail but no message. Very annoying as well.
No idea why they call never say anything, tried to call the number back, its busy, so annoying, sometimes 4x a day, wish there was a way to block them!!
I've tried calling the number back and it says it is disconnected. So...
got a call pretty much everyday from this numbercaller id: flint, MI
Keep getting calls from this number. Caller ID says it's from Flint. Wish I knew who it was from.
get a call twice a day and on weekends FOR A FEW WEEKS NOW

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