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Yeah, me too!  Bought furniture under a no interest deal and now I am on the "list".  That's ok.  I have caller ID and now that I know who it is, I just ignore the ringing and don't answer the phone. Besides when the caller ID says Unknown Name that is a dead give away to not answer. They hang up anyway when the answering machine picks up.  It's there dime.  Hope they have fun.  Caller ID is the greatest invention since the wheel.
I get calls from them every day. I programmed my cell phone and named it Decline. I just signed up on National DNC list. I remember I left a VM last year with their finance dept and remove me from their list. I even threatened to report them and get them fined for each violation. Does anyone know of any legal recourse I have should they keep bothering me?
Calls at different times every day and leaves no messages. Now that I know it's American general finance I'll be sure never to use or recommend them to anyone at any time. Ridiculously high finance charges and terms. Bordering on criminal.
We financed through American General - in actual fact the loan does not take effect for 30 days as we have a free trial period- from the day that we signed on the loan they have been calling us continually - might have to take my product back 8124377744
I've been getting calls from this # recently. I did finance furniture through American General. When I do answer though no 1 is on the other side.
They call everyday!!!!!!!
American General Finance.......... When they call, I put my wife, who does not speak much english, on. We then laugh about it.
Seeing that this is American General makes me angry. I financed a car through them (first time buyer...DO NOT DO IT NO MATTER WHAT). Biggest mistake of my life so far. The loan was paid off almost two months ago when I traded it in on a brand new truck. So why are they calling me now? I have not answered but now that I know who it is, they are going to be in for a surprise when they call my cell phone at 8 am when I work nights. See how much respect they get from me then...
If you have done business with a company, as many of you state, by getting a loan, they do not have to follow the national Do Not Call (DNC) list.  There is a time period specified, but as long as your load is outstanding, they are premitted to call.  So, pay the load off or refinance it through a company that won't spam you cell phone with unwanted calls.I got this call because I financed a new furnace/air conditioner and this company was the underwriter. :(
I also financed some furniture through American General Finance through Value City Furniture a month ago.....I've been getting calls from this number on and off ever since I made the purchase.  They've never left a message, but I've yet to answer.  Maybe I should answer and cuss them out.
Do not call this number 951-924-5338 anymore.  I will report you.
I am on the so-call 'Do not call list', so why is American General Finance allowed to call daily and do not leave messages. I do not WANT TO BE BOTHERED BY SCAM ARTISTS. THE GOVERNMENT IS BUSY TRYING TO FIGURE OUT...HOW NOT TO WORK.
I receive about 3 calls a day from this number 812-437-7744.  I do not answer and they so not leave a message.  I will try to ask them to stop calling. This is a lack of respect from American General.  I recently bought furniture from BOB's Discount furniture and this is their financing agency.  What more could they want!
This is American General Finance.  We got a zero interest loan with them through my dentist.  Sometimes I get calls from this number and sometimes from a local number.  We are on the do not call list, but because we have done business with them, they do not have to bother with that list.  I have asked them numerous times over the past several months to take me off their list, and they say they will, but still call nearly every day.  I am so frustrated with their lack of respect for the consumer.
It is American General Finance. We also bought some furniture a few years ago. I don't hear anything for awhile, then I get 3 to 4 calls a day. I have asked them not to call, but they are relentless. I thought if they were told not to call anymore, they can be reported to some company and possibly fined. Does anyone know how to pursue this.
this number has been calling me for about 2 months now about 3 times a day, and its getting a little crazy. never leaving a message. one time i answered and they said they were some financial service.
I get rashes of callse from this number every few months. It's American General Finance wanting to know if we need a loan (we financed a furniture purchase through them before to get a no interest offer). I tell them to stop calling me and the do for a couple of months, and then it's every day for a couple of weeks again.
This number has called me at 9am and 9pm fpr the past 3 days...I never picked up and they never left a message.  But today so far no call, maybe they finally gave up.  I'm glad I never picked up.
(812)437-7744 called me cell phone at 1044am on 9-12-07.  I do not know anyone from this number, and I am on the National Do Not Call list and and tierd of seeing the number on my cell phone.
call and ask for a friend who does not live with me.  They try to be tricky by telling me they are doing a survey and ask if there is and adult over 18 and a specific gender(the gender they are trying to track).

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