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USEURMINDS Please post your credit card number you owe us 14.98 for a Doctor's bill dated Feb.30,1984
Well, USEURMINDS, you are wrong! I don't have any outstanding debt of any kind and I also have received multiple automated calls from this number asking me about 633.00. I, for many, many years have kept, and continue too, keep very close track of my income, and all purchases. I have also checked my credit report and no such debt is on it, as we are all capable error. I would suggest that you change your user name--to something like narrow minded or limited mind, because you obviously don't use it very much.After the multiple calls, and reading what I have read here, it is obvious that the number, and person(s) who own it are up to no good. I am sure that they continue to use this type of illegal money collecting because some people hear the word you owe, and run to get the check book and credit card number, and once you give out your routing information and card number with security code, the person(s) on the other end can have a field day, at your expense. But then again I am wasting my time sharing this with you, USEURMINDS,  because had you any human understanding and compassion regarding your fellow man, yet alone any insight into money schemes, after reading the above messages from others you would have composed a quite different note. So everyone else who reads this think twice before giving out your checking account or credit card number (with security code) to anyone over the phone whom you question, even the slightest. Because, once again, once you give out that information, you can't take it back.A fellow human being and concerned citizen!
I keep getting the call from this automated 815-673-1623 number. This is a scam "ILLEGAL"collection agency trying to collect money from credit cards and bank accounts. Please DO not provide them with any information and threaten them with legal action.
I got a call from this number this morning & was using google to check to see it was when I found all these comments! Thanks..this really helps!
They claim they were a collection agency for a doctor that works at Ottawa Hospital.  I can not verify this claim at the time.
Get calls from this number all the time... they usually don't leave a message, but when they do it's just automated.  Seems like just a bogus telemarketing deal.
Called saying they were wanting to to Chris and her name was Abby. No reason why?
Yup....keep calling me too with some fictitious name. Seems like a silly waste of time for some bogus collection agency to call random numbers looking for random names.
They have been calling my phone for months now. Whenever I call them back I can't get an answer. The worst part, is that they are not even calling for me!
They called me twice this morning on my cell phone. I missed the call both times, so I called the number from my missed calls log. No answer. From what I read here, I'm glad I didn't connect with them.
they called twice in the morning i missed both calls then i called them back they didnt answer then they called me again and they wer like please hold then they said please ceep holding this is a verry important bisness call then they said there is no one to tack my call so i hang up right away p.s. there cycose
They called and didn't leave a message so, I called back from another number and a girl named "Abby" picked up. They may take my free time....BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE MY MONEY!!!
So far today, they have called me at 8:42 AM, 10:43 AM, and 12:48 PM.  Y'know, some of us can't answer the phone while at work.
i got an automated voice asking for a personthis is a crooked collection agency, they are very bad and use all kinds of illegal activity to harass, they lie often, they may not even be registeredsometimes they call pretending to be cops looking for an ex-roommate of mine and even said i would be arrested if i did not help, i told them 'go ahead' and hung up ... i told them 8 times they have the wrong number so now they use an autocalling device
They called twice, on monday and tuesday. The first time, it left a message, but the message was just silence. Calling will give you the option to be removed from their list.
I had this happen to me too....this morning, January 14, on my Bank of America credit card.  Exactly the same amount, exactly the same company and phone number.  I never received any call and I, like others, have not used this card in a long time.  I am taking the advice to contact the Illinois Attorney General's Office.  They may be able to get the bank's attention.
Same for me...  1.07 hold.  How many used RedBox video around the same time.  The 1.07 is exactly the cost + tax for renting a video and this hold popped on my account on the same day as a redbox transaction
The $1.07 showed up as pending on my Bank of America account this morning.  Sounds like they have access to the bank's account numbers.
I have this same charge on my account, but it doesn't look like many people are getting any answers.  Has anyone called the authorities about this?  It sounds like something they should be investigating.  I haven't answered my phone, gave no one permission, and was quite shocked to see it there.
I just checked my statement and It stated an amount for $1.07 pending. I have no idea where this is from I can't thru to the number listed

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