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This is NOT CITIBANK, and is most likely a SCAM. Suspicious things about this call: 1) After answering the call, you hear a recorded message that identifies the caller as Citibank, and then I was placed on hold for a long period of time until an agent answered. 2) Agent greeted me with "Thank you for calling Citi" and asked "what can I assist you with today?" 3) I replied "Nothing, you called me." 4) Agent then asked for password on my account, prompting me that it may be my mother's maiden name. 5) I gave the agent an incorrect mother's maiden name telling her it was "Obama" and she didn't flich! LOL! 6) Agent then asked me for the SSN of the primary cardholder. "No thank you" I said, and hung up. Called Citibank to confirm whether this was a legitimate call, or telephone number, and they checked my account records which had no calls, or alerts that a Citibabk agent would need to call me.
called 2 times today and said it was Citi Corp and card was in wife's name and 1 month behind and wanted bank account info. Entire call was recording with no true proof of who it was. I just hung up. It may be Citi bank or Citi Corp but I did't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, no one gets my bank info that easy.
I've received 3 calls from this number today, and I don't even have a Citi Card.
It's a SCAM!! Do not listen to these blogs about people saying it's a legitimate but I DID just call the number from my credit card and they said this number is bogus and they would have made notes if someone from Customer Service called but no notes!! They WILL ask for your account number-don't be naive!!
I keep getting this call as well.  I know that I am late on a payment.  However, I got a statement in the mail and had a due date.  THe same day I got the mail, I started to get the calls.  F***, even if I did mail the payment on the same exact day I got the bill, they would not get it for at least 3 days.  I am now waitint until the due date.  It makes me feel better.
I keep getting these calls too, but I don't even have a card!
I continue to receive calls from numerous numbers I've complained about and filled out a complaint form thru the FTC, FBI Tip Line and now the website.  This 816-420-1002 continues calling my house and cell phone.  They leave no message, however, I have answered and they ask for Umar ???, can't understand the last name because of this man's thick middle-eastern accent.  I've told him I am not Umar, asked if I sound like Umar, told him to take me off his calling list, he refuses until I give him my full name.  I have told him he does not need my name to take me off his calling list, he obviously has the number, (I will not give any of them my full name, god only knows what these pieces of s**** can do with that).  He still refuses and when I ask to speak to his supervisor he will not allow me to.  He says I'm being uncooperative.  I know for a fact, whatever buisness they want to claim to be, I know who I owe money to and who I don't owe money to, they are not one of those companies/SCAMMERS.  I'm sick and tired of these scam phone calls, I've gotta believe no matter who they say they are, they're not legitamate or they'd simply take me off their calling list per my request because I am not Umar ?????.  They start calling me at 7:00 and don't stop until around mid-night or so.  It's saturday right now, it's 12:38 and they've called me 6 times already on my cell phone.  I wish whoever these idiots are would be caught and stopped.  I'm sick and tired of not being able to have a normal conversation with someone on my house or cell phone without these morons beeping in.  They've been harrassing me since January of 2008, I have not sent them one red penny, so I'm not sure why they continue to call other than to be a major nuisance.  Other than file these complaints to the right government agencies, I don't know what else to do.  I'll welcome any advise anyone has.  ThanksK.PS...based on the comments I've read on this number, I have NO credit cards or loans with "Citi Card", never have....I honeslty believe whoever these people are, they're using "Citi Card's" name because the other numbers they're scamming people from aren't working as well anymore...
Continuing calls from this number....Never leaves a message.Drives me crazy!
I called Citi.........The lady told me they never ask to verify info over the phone unless you call them and do not release any info.  I told her I didn't and am talking to the fraud department right now.
Do they call nonstop until you answer? I too have autopayment so not sure why I keep getting called on a Sunday
Do they call nonstop until you answer? I too have autopayment so not sure why I keep getting called on a Sunday
I have recieved several calls from this same number.  I called Citibank (the number on the card not on ID) to complain about the scam.  ITS NOT A SCAM!  I have auto payment, and thought there was no way i was late or anything. I was wrong. "D" there is no reason to be rude to those who have actually gone thru the process of checking this out. You are assuming that this has nothing to do with you, but have you even checked or called Citibank, or did you just run to the FTC?
you are full of crap, I called citi card and I am never late. THIS IS A SCAM!!! I called the FTC on them. NO CREDIT CARD EVER asks for your info over the phone, NEVER EVER give them any info. HANG UP AND CALL OR EMAIL THE FTC This person is posting all over on may 19th that it is legit$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU03
I was getting really sick of these calls and had naturally assumed they were scammers.  I called citibank (the number on my card not on cller ID that way I knew I was getting the actual Citibank company).  I was going to inform them of these scammers using their company name and ask them to help me fight against this.  Well, turns out...IT'S LEGITIMATE!!  I failed to make a payment this month (wrote it in my checkbook but didn't actually go online to make the payment...forgot about it and assumed it was paid).  It was only 9 days late when the calls started though so I don't understand the need for the non-stop calls (including 8am on saturday and all day Sunday).Anyway, this IS LEGITIMATE you can citibank yourself (the number on your CARD!!) to find out what's up.  unless of course you are aware of your late payment and are trying to avoid them!  When trying to reconcile the late payment or whatever your case may be, I still recommend that you call Citibank yourself from the number on your card rather than calling the number on your caller ID just in case you do happen to get a scammer's never smart to give any account info to someone who calls YOU, even if it is legit.
Never answered the call, repeatedly calling me
It is Citi Cards, but they called me even though I was only a week late. It's computer calling so you may answer if you want - no person will be talking to you... It's kinda of funny actually to fool with computer :)
I have gotten calls from this # 3-4x a day for the last couple days, even on Sundays. but message says to pick a message for a "charolette" call this number. Obviously a scam even though the message says it is from "AT&T".
I thought it was illegal for collectors to make calls on Sundays?
This number belongs to Citi Bank.  It is an automated number asking why your Citi Bank credit card payment is 30 or more days late.
it is SUNDAY of a HOLIDAY weekend and I keep getting these darn calls from this number and I am not happy about it..I don't answer numbers I don't recognize but I feel it is obnoxious to get calls on a SUNDAY!!!!

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