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Reverse Phone Check:

Have received several calls from this unmber. No message has been left, only a busy when I call it. Any thoughts?
Called, no one there when I answered and has called several times
this is a debt assistance company. They got your number from a survey that you completed. All you have to do is call the number 9 to be removed from their list.........enter your number and you are done
i have received 3 calls today from this number but no messages left on any of the calls.
They don't leave a message
It is a credit card debt reduction company. The number is 817-697-3266. Caller ID says Keller, TX.  I called  the number back and you can speak with an agent if you want or you can have your number removed. My number was from facebook. I  was buying a puppy and then you were asked to accept or decline the application and when you accept third parties get your info. I play Farmville.
They have been calling two or three times a day. They keep saying my name instead of leaving a message.
I called the number back it is a credit financial place the messages is about lowering your credit rate, blah blah blah and so on.
Also if you call the number back it give you a recorded message and an option to have your number removed from the list.
Number come up as XO Interactive for some reason...
as you all have said...caller id says message, no answer.puzzling and annoying
I beleive whoever is calling got my number from an online survey I completed a few days ago.  I only have a cell number, which I don't give out, so I listed my work number.
don't know this number?
Got a call from this number and on caller id all it says is Texas no message left.
I currently have a car loan with HSBC Auto/Santander, getting calls from them and now this new number from XO Interactive. I am a little behind on payments, and now the car unfortunately is no longer in service. (Timing belt, ouch!) I am so tired of the many calls each day and with NO Message left. Calls EVEN on Sunday and holiday. I am tempted to let them come get the car, since it is out-of-service. HSBC has been in the news with all the troubled bank crap as being one of the lowest and dirtiest banks. I will never promote, endorse or suggest their services to anyone.
These guys took over Drive Finincial, Drive Auto and Drive about a year ago!!! They are awful to work with, I thought the original creditor on my loan was awful but oh my.... late charges because they didn't pick up their mail on time... my payments are made directly from a bill pay service and since they don't come in their envelope or through online by debit or ccard... they don't have to open them immediately.I had made payment arrangements with them because I knew I was being laid off so they did a three month grace period for me, after the three months my parents were getting nasty phone calls stating that I was late, and they needed me to pay or they were coming to get the vehicle. I about died... so much for following through on their promises... the funny thing is it was all typed notes in my account, but the employee who made the arrangements no longer worked for the company and they couldn't follow up with his supervisor who had to approve it. but the best part was having them talk to my step father and telling him details... his name isn't even on the loan nor does it sound like my name, plus I am a female!!!Stay far far away from these guys... and trust me the phone calls never stop!!! You can be a day late, or the day your payment is due and they will call you!!!
I keep getting these call and there is no answer. If I let it go to the answering machine, they don't leave a number. Guess I will have to block this number. Very annoying calls.
I blocked this number but they still keep calling.  It only rings once (because of block) but it is a pain.
8:18, 11:19, 13:25, 15:41 no one there every time
Got several calls from this number, five times as matter of fact between 7:15 and 7:25 pm. in one evening. They do not leave a message and when we did answer, it was dead air on the other end of the line. After call number two, we quit answering the phone.

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