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i keep being charged for this service , which i dont know what it is
does any1 no if thishappens 1nce or every week day etc ?????
My daughter was text from this no. and charged 3.83 - we don't know what it was for?????
gave my 10 yr old a mobile for her birthday. on the same day 82018 subtracted £4.50 from her top up!
is it safe to text 82018 with the word STOP or does that just trigger more £4.50 texts? i am livid they are theives!!!
Yh i've got the same problem, apparently its from 'ringtone king' never came across and not even received text, called 02 and they said that i have to txt 'stop' to stop it :S
Noticed a £3.83 charge on my O2 bill, For receiving a text from a Interactive premium number. I did not  receive a tx from them but have been charged were im on contract.
Just had a txt of 82018 and cost £3.83 for nothing this is far from acceptable from the phone company's if this happens to 1000 people its £3,830 how many others have been done by this ??
Yes my son has also been stitched by these thieves.  It is the preinstalled try & buy games on the phone that lead you straight onto the net and mislead you into downloading a sample game with the yes or no option at the end - it is all very easy and my son hitting yes a couple of times has cost me £8.  The phone network he has is orange and the phone make is samsung.   I think samsung also need to take responsibility for this scam as these try&buy games seem to be a standard feature on all their phones regardless of the network provider.
Daughter had new Samsung Ohone on Orange PAYG for Xmas, with £10 credit. Received 2 text messages (which do not appear in her text inbox) in the space of 2 minutes costing £4.50 each!!! Heres what is shown in her acount call history:25/12/09 15:20 Text Information 82018 0:00 4.50 25/12/09 15:18 Text Information 82018 0:00 4.50 We have no idea what these numbers are related to and she assures me that she has not downloaded any games etc..
PhonePayPlus, the Regulator, has full details about this.Type the senders number into their enquiry page for advice. the mobile number issued to you has been recycled by Orange or Sybase are sending texts in the hope of catching a live number.
Like above My son has been stung by this number - saw incoming text but no idea who it is from He tried the "Millionaire Free Trial"
Im on o2 and my bill says i got a text from 82018 and it isnt in my inbox and i never opened it and its costing me £3.83. what do i do to stop it?
You are playing a game free trial from (in my case) Samsung fun games) and there's a yes/No option asking you if you want to download. Don't hit yes or shitbags at 82018 charge you £4.50. Easily done 'cos there's no warning or confirm dialogue.Website for terms and conditions is You can send them abusive messages from the website or abuse them by phone on 020 3287 2847. Suggest you use up your monthly free call allowance doing this.
I have only just been given a samsung sliding phone. Went to just try out the games and the next I know I have been charged £4.50. What a Con as I never purchased the game only looked @ it
daughter got txt on new phone from vodafone saying she had received a premium rate message from 82018 but had insufficient credit to retrieve it (luckily)
sent a text meesage to this number cant remember what for it cost me 8 pence to send then they charged me nearly 4 pound to recieve a text back done that twice never again but dont even know what the number is for z3v9
i just checked my online bill with 02,and i have a charge for received interactive texts from 82018,£3.83,i have not had no texts in my phone from this number so how can i be charged and how can i sort it out
got the text message and its blank. i never asked for it.

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