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I just received a text from this number for the 3rd time which charged me £2.50 before I even read the message. I called up the company on 08458 693 452 and explained to them what had happened. Explained to them that I hadn't actually subscribed to anything and that they are illegally taking money from me for something I didn't ask for. Told them I was going to report them to trading standards. They eventually agreed to give me a £10 O2 top up for my phone! They gave me the voucher number and when I put it in my phone, it actually worked! Hopefully that should be the end of that!
I have received a Free MSG from 82344 who say recently u may have been billed in error. If so they say pls text callme to 62277 to us a.s.a.pshould I,They say they are SP:ContentMerchant Ltd
I received a text from this number but didn't think anything of it. I then received a text telling me to text 62277 as I had been charged in error. Instead of doing this I came on here and then called 01172050110 and they have told me they will stop these texts and send me a refund for the £2.50. We'll see, but this really hacks me off.
Same as the last two comments.I got 2 text messages on wednesday about some ringtone nonsense and deleted them but noticed £2 was taken from my credit (O2 PAYG). I reported the number to O2 as spam and forwarded them the texts. This afternoon I got the same message as garry, but I'm not gonna risk texting them in case the thieving b%%%$$%s take some more credit from my fone.How ridiculous that we can't block texts from unknown parties, and worse still, how ridiculous that these unknown parties can rob your credit!Grrr
Same thing happened to me, not signed up to anything but randomly got a batch of msgs which I first ignored.Then received a msg saying 'Free MSG' 'Recently u may have been billed in error. If so they say pls text callme to 62277 to us a.s.a.p'Phoned Vodafone, who told me to send STOP to that 82344 number.  I have done, hopefully it will stop it.  Got to call on Monday to see if the buggers have charged me for receiving those texts.  If they have, Vodafone say that they can track the company's telephone number down from their system and you can order them to refund you the money - as they back down once you threaten to take it to trading standards.  These companies need to be reported to trading standards for definite.Thieving swines!!
had same txt's as Garry, Lainey and Wayne, have e-mailed Vodafone waiting for reply.
Just got 2 messages from these people.Tried phoning quoted number 01172050110 but that was an answer machine.Have text STOP to 82344 and got another message (free) stating that service would be stppped within one working day.  Let's hope!!!   One of the 2 original messages says "Member Content" and tries to connect you to the internet. I was having none of that and cancelled it before connecting. Where does it take you to??
In addition to my above post.The website it tries to take you to is  Internet explorer doesn't want to know!
I received two texts from these earlier, one going on about ringtones! which I text back with stop and another trying to connect me to the internet, I am on a contract and will be furious if I find they have taken money from my bill
i too keep geting texts of these vultures, never signed up to anything, you dont need to do you, either way you pay, its going to have to call the local rate number, no doubt they will keep me on hold for ever, these a***holes should be stopped but how?
I am also receiving unwanted texts from these people!  I have received 4 in the last 10 days! The trouble is I now live in the USA and although I've still got my English mobile phone, it is only used if my elderly parents in the UK need to contact me urgently.  So I'm fed up that my credit is being eaten away by something I never asked for in the first place!  I have tried texting STOP but it doesn't send.  I can't dial the 0845 number from the US, so does anyone know how I can contact the company quickly rather than snail mail. Does it have an e-mail address?  Please help!
I have the same problem - never signed up for anything! I called Orange and the said basically the same as all the other phone providers - I have to contact the company direct.  Thanks to this site Iwas able to get a number to call them to ask how they got my number. They said that they "didn't know"!!!! I have to ask myself - "what is the point of having a service PROVIDER when if there is a problem you have to sort it yourself"????
I've just had a video text from these people, totally out of the blue and charging me £5 for the privilege.  I have not signed up for anything and I am not going to pay this.  Does anyone know who to contact to report it as I will go to small claims before I see these shysters get a penny from me.
had 2 randon text from this number and just got o2 bill in and 2.12 a text plus vat is what they charged me fo nothing ripp of *********
Got two texts from 82344.Deleted them without reading and had my O2 bill yesterday with £4.26 for two "interactive services".Have contacted O2 and ended my contract as they cannot protect me.T-mobile can bar all 3rd party texts, so I'm off to join them !Also contacted PhonePayPlus to complain about the company "Content Merchant" who through "Wireless Information Networking", issued the texts.
I called up my mobile service provider and they told me it was a flirt line number (never used one of those in my life!) I thought it was some ringtone thing at first. Then I called 0871 288 0843 (number provider by MSP)They said they were a lottery number thing. I was like "WTF?" So not a flirt line or a mobile ringtone company.I am waiting for a call back ...
Call the company.08458693452.They've just told me they'll refund the £7.50 they took for 3 texts to my unwitting 12 year old son's phone.What a world eh?Good luck
I've just started getting these texts as well, and I never sign up for these things! I've texted 'STOP' and hopefully that'll be the end of it, but unfortunately I've already been charged £5 for texts received. I called the company on 0117 205 0110 and they did say the texts have been stopped, but we'll see...
I have been getting these ringtone text messages too from 82344 costing me £2.50 for each text i receive. I haven't signed up for these and i have been told my virgin that they can't block them!!!!How can they charge me for a service i don't want and i'm not allowed to block them!!!!Does anyone know?
I've just started getting these texts again after recieving a batch of them last year from the same company. They are offering me ringtones for £2.50 a month. Last year though it was "" and now it's just "". I take it they had been shut down and have re-started again. I have never signed up for anything and have no need for Leona Lewis or Michael Jackson ringtones. I've tried sending STOP to stop but it doesn't work. Has anyone any info on what I can do?

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