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I got a call from this number this morning on my cell phone, I was at work and couldn't answer it they left a message saying Josh Matthews,  I had a very hard time understanding what he was saying but got that he was an office with a law firm.  He gave no name of what Law firm or where he was located at and that i had three loans that i took off over the internet, which i never did.  Several months ago I got similar calls and realized that it was a scam.  After leaving the message on my cell he call my place of employment harassing me there.  Please don't give these people any money it is a big scam.
They keep calling me as well.  Told me they were taking me to court and I am going to get arrested.  I told them to give me the name of the courthouse but they couldn't.  I kept telling them I couldn't understand their language.  The India guy got really mad!!!  It sounds like this is a SCAM so have fun with them.
They called my house back just a little while ago and this time they asked for my husband. While my husband was on the phone I was asking him go get their information. The guy said his name was James Davis with American Legal Services and says they are located in California. The number that they gave him is 707-633-2788. The website is But here is the twisted part if you research the number its a landline not a business...if you go to the website it takes you to a search engine!Call the number and it only you go to yellowpages and search the company you get nothing. This is a complete scam!!! I am currently trying to contact the fraud department of my local authorities!!!!
I JUST started getting this call today!  Maybe I will answer if I'm bored and want some fun.
I have been getting calls from this number the last 4 days and the number of calls is getting lager.on 6/8 called at 8:18am and 8:48on the 9th 1:29pm and 7:06pmthe 10th 9:16am,9:43, 12:30, 2:26, 4:26, and 6:02pmToday 2:03pm, 3:31, 6:05, 7:18, and 9:04I have no idea what this is.. I will not answer and they are not leaving messages.
I have been recieving these calls for about 3-4 months. They call from a 325 number and this number. If I do not answer they call right back and sometimes more than that. When I answered the first  time they asked for me and said that I had a legal matter. So I got to talking with them..mind I couldn't understand a word they said.... he had a very heavy Indian accent...then he goes on to ask me for a debit number adn verification number..because apparently I owed them money. Well I do have a loan out, but I have paid the majority of the at this point I am wondering and got off the phone and done some research on the number..come to find out its a HUGE SCAM..they want to wipe you clean!!!! They have also called me at owrk numerous time saying they will come and drag me out, said that they are sending the local authorities to come and arrest then called me a F* B**** I said some thigns back adn they hung up on me!! And yet they are continuing to call my house..I'm turning them in!!!
Just called, no response after about 10 seconds of saying hello. Don't know who they are or what they want. So tired of telemarketers and scammers.
I have had this number call me numerous times in the past couple of days. I never answer since it is not a number I know or even a complete phone number. I have tried to report the number to but since the number is not of the standard format and the area code is not valid I am unable to report it. I have had some success doing that in the past. I may answer for fun some day and jerk them around a bit if I'm in the mood.
Someone called me from this number last night.  I picked up and there was silence for about 10 seconds before someone picked up.  There was actually a sound of someone picking up the line.  They must have automated dialers or something trying to fish for people.  Anyway, this Indian guy begins telling me he is with some sort of debt help agency.  I kept asking who gave him my number and he said something about being randomly selected for help.  I said "No thank you" and hung up.  The SOB's just called me again this morning but I couldn't answer that time.
Received 5 calls from this number within the last 30 min. It was an Indian guy asking for me by name saying that I have to go to court for fraud with a loan company i have never in my life got a loan through the company he is talking about.
got a call from this number but did not pick up since complete number did not show on caller id ... no message left
I have been recieving calls from these jerks for the last 4 months. It is a total scam! They bought all of your personal information or stole it (probably the latter) and are using harrassing tactics to extort money. They have been turned in to the FBI, FTC and BBB as well as the Attorney General's office. I also was in contact with the FBI Cyber Crimes Division and they have tried to trace their numbers and they are Voice over Internet Phones. They create phony numbers and call and harrass you. I have been getting even though. I will sometimes answer Domino's or wherever, sometimes I answer and say I am a butcher shop, sometimes I blow an air horn in the phone (my favorite:) ) They do get quite angry with that one. I also tell them that I know they are a scam and that I have already turned them in and when they say they are going to take me to court, I say great, where and when. I have also threatned them and told them to go screw their sister or mother. That really makes them mad. Basically, it's a huge scam. No one is going to show up at your work and arrest you. They do not have a debtors jail, otherwise if they would be overflowing!  Just have some fun with them. They get mad and stop calling for awhile and then a month or so later start up again.
This guy has been calling me for the last 4 weeks. I've turned him in also and yet there seems to be nothing no one can do about!!! He gave me the whole "I'm going to arrest you and take you to jail routine." If the FBI, FTC, BBB, WWE, WWF, whoever else legitimate can't do anything about it there's one thing I've learned in my 8 years of Desktop Support, If they can hack you, you can hack them!! I'll get him guys!
got two calls from them today within 5 mins never answered because I was in the shower.
Got a call at around 5 pm on my cell, which is on the Do Not Call registry.  This call came exactly 20 minutes after another call, which was a telemarketer.
someone called my phone around 7 pm from this number.  I could not understand one word they were saying, and ultimately was told to F***K off !!!!
keeps callin and hangin up

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