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i have been getting money deducted from my phone every week and have yet to receive my 1000 texts wot a rip off have rang nimber to try and stop am supposedly going to get a call back in 48 hours here's hoping.
Everytime  after I top up my phone a text from 83023 phone number appears in my phone. I rarely use text messages on my phone therefore I'd like to stop all that.
im getting charged and i dont no wot for coz im not gettin ant thin
I sent stop to this number but the following time i topped up it took £3 off me, wat should i do next?
Every time we top up my 12 yr old son's phone it gets deducted by £3, what a scam this is.  How can I stop it?  We have just sent at STOP ALL text and an email.  Hope this works
can u stop sending me txts thank you
please stop sending me these messages iv have txt stop 4 times n u r still sending me them. i think we should all get our phones topped back up to ten pound by u lot because of the hassel and credit wasted
I have had texts from this number, and had begun to wonder if i was being charged for this, as my credit seemed to drop each time,last month i watch my credit very carefully,and now i know i am. thanks to all you guys, i am going to follow the info given, and hope to get them stopped. thanks for all your input. its a great help.
Be wary about calling the number Miss A lists.Although it is the correct contact for the company (T-mobile also gave me it) - it is a premium rate number.
I have also been receiving unwanted texts from this company.PhonepayPlus is an organisation that regulates products or services - such as competitions, TV voting, helplines, adult entertainment, downloads, new alerts or interactive games - that are charged to users' phone bills or pre-pay accounts.This is what it says on the PhonepayPlus website ( has the following information about the number 83023:This is a shortcode number. We have an ongoing investigation into this shortcode. Please call our contact centre between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday to log a complaint. (0800 500 212 )The costs will vary depending on the nature of the service.To stop the service you simply need to open a text with the words STOP ALL (in capitals) to the shortcode number.They also have an online form you can fill in to register a complaint against this number..... the more people who complain, the faster they'll sort it out!
I have been txted by the number above, i dont recognise this number and have been unable to trace the sender. when i received my first phone bill i had been charged twenty four pounds, and for the second bill twenty nine pounds. these two amounts are the result of me receiving txts from the number above. i have repeatedly phoned vodaphone complaining, to no avail. they have given me number     ( 08714742708)and when i try to phone it i am cut off half way through the conversation. then when i go back to vodaphone they inform that if i dont pay the full amount i will be blacklisted.
To stop all messages from 83023 please call 08714-742707.  I work for a mobile phone company and have just complained to this company about unrequested messages to a customer who got bill in excess of £300.  They are a company who just text loads of numebrs and hope for a response.  Please dont text STOP back as they wont and will keep texting.  call them and ask for a manager and threaten legal action, it works!  I just got a full credit.  also, add your number to the TPS (telephone prefferential service), if you are on that then no 3rd party company can call you or text you, if they do they can be shut down as its breaking the law.   Thanks loads xx
HiJust to let you know that if you text STOP you are not charged for the text. I know this because i text STOP and received a msg from them immediately after confirming the cancelation and also stating that i would not be charged. After months of wondering why my phone bill had an extra seven quid added onto it I have now found the culprits! Have just phoned the number. x
I've had three from this number.  I deleted the first two so I can't remember what they said.  The latest one says:FreeMsg:Claim ur 1000 SMS messages-Text OK to 83023 now! Use web2mobile 2 ur mates etc.Join for £3/week.T&C BOX139,LA32WU.16+.Remove txt X or stopI've been through my bills and have not been charged to receive these messages but I'm certain if I text to stop them, I'd be charged for it.
If you want to get your money back you call 0871 474 2707 (2Ergo's subsidiary Co. HelpDesk) and they are the helpdesk who forward your details onto the company who's doing the texting & charging.  This company will then apparently ring you back within 48 hours to discuss any refunds etc...I've left my details, so hopefully this will be resolved shortly.  Good luck to you ALL!
yep me to - whatever it is they send u one message a week but now its £3, so quite amount for something that u dont the bottom of the message it says text stop  if u dont want to stop the service, ive send it this week, ill see if i will recieve any more of those.
oryginal text says: ''Dont forget to download your latest your latest tones, logos and vids from the Tone Store! Text TS to 83023 to get your WAp link re-sent. Text STOP to remove, £3/wk. 16+''so guys try to text STOP and send it to that numberGood Luck!
i am also getting text message from this number 83023 and have been charge 2.553
My phone was switch off for a month. I recieve 5 text from number 83023 which cost 2.553 each.
Spoke with 3G customer service about that number. I been told that number does not exist. Who have similar problem call customer care line 01706221777

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