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After reading these complaints I feel we were caught in this scam goldman walker klein collected money and we were never paid. If anyone can give us information, we tewould greatly appreciate any help .
I got a call from a private investigator said he was heading to my house on behalf of JD Baily with Goldman Walker and Klein. A few minutes later I got a call from JD Baily with Goldman Walker and Klein. He said a property I own is being foreclosed on  and gave me a bogus case number. I turned it over to my attorney and he just laughed. The case was bogus. This is a scam. Beware!!!!
It took no time at all to fall back into your Morganthal, Myers, & Sterns ways...
Mr. Qualls if you would have had all of your releases completed with the other clients on that case, you would have received your funds when thiers were released!!! Bill Haverly
We are asking that whoever is doing this, please stop, you have the wrong company! We  have never had anything to do with that company! If you are a competitor of some sort please stop and get your facts straight. We have never had a problem with a client nor will we ever!!! Robert Galloway
Just got a phone call from a private investigator or so he says, telling me his client is Robert Galloway attorney with Goldman Walker and Kline. He the private investigator wants to take pictures of my house and office andHe said there was an open case against me. His message was long.I checked the phone number, it was Morganthal Myers. I googled Galloway,  Goldman Walker & Kline. All I got was lots of bad press about scam artists stealing money from people in the name of construction contractors.Add 832-665-2120 They must have a list of extentions now 2100, 2110, 2120, etc. etc.
This is all you need to know:
I have also received a call from Christie Blair, Julie Siles and Adam Cole. They all claim to be representing Goldman, Walker and Kline regarding assisting to collect unpaid money. They clain that they are a law firm. Does anyone have experience with such group?
I dont know about the last post but i recieved a call from that number and the person i spoke to was GREAT they discussed an issue i was having with a contractor and my lien, i faxed them my paperwork and they resolved the matter for me with in 2 weeks. I recieved my funds and now anytime i have issues with contractors they will be the ones i call.
Ha, ha, ha!!  Nice line of garbage, Mr. Galloway (Steve Guignard & Company), but nobody's buying it.
As the SVP of Goldman, Walker & Klein, based upon the egregious and felonious accusations in relation to Morgenthal, Meyers & Sterns, I felt it necessary in writing this response to Mr. Ryan Scott, alleged CFO of Handy Construction of the Carolina's, as I do not show him ever as being either a current or former client of ours. I would have had our attorney contact him directly, however, it appears per the Secretary of State for North Carolina, that this company does not exist nor can a Ryan Scott associated with this company be found in the State of North Carolina.  Goldman, Walker & Klein has absolutely never had an affiliation with this Morgenthal Meyers & Sterns, MMS, or Steve Guignard. That can be verified by the Secretary of State, Corporate Commission’s Office in Texas, as well as the Texas Comptroller's Office. We are aware of whom this company is, as it is one of a number of our competitors located in our area; however that is where any affiliation begins and ends.I strongly urge that Mr. Ryan Scott recant his statement regarding my company, or we will begin a detailed investigation beginning with the Secretary of State's Office in North Carolina in our attempt to seek out who you truly are, and at which time a lawsuit will ensue for libel and slander. This will include Mr. Scott personally as well as corporately.If either Mr. Scott and/or his attorney wish to discuss this in further detail with me, please feel free to contact me at 832.665.2120. Robert Galloway
I am Ryan Scott, the CFO of Handy Constructin.  We had a call last week from a Michael Pratt,  this company is the same company as Morgenthal Meyers and Sterns.  The same Steve Guignard who stole our companies money is the same Steve that operates under a new name: Goldman Walker and Klein.  Steve Guignard change the companies name so that he could stay in business and try not to pay any clients.  Morgenthal Meyers and Sterns is the same people and owner as Goldman Walker and Klein.  A co-worker of mine said that the owner has a civil suit in October of next year.  The Texas DA is organizing and huge case showing that MMS or Morgenthal Meyers and Sterns has stolen hundreds and thousands of
Some named Adam Cole said he was an attorney and called someone I know about me, when I call backGoldman, Walker and Kline - no return call
Have a rental in Alaska and received an email about the same as all of you. He is going by Paul Long.  My friend said to forward the email to the Attorney Generals office. I am sure there are some people that are taken in by the scammers.
This guy e-mailed me today in regards to my rental, wanted livingroom dimensions so he could order furn, will pay me 2mths rent+dep to send him the lease yahda,yahda, goes by the name this time as Tony Scoot Engineer, working with a David Richards at a number of 206-309-7223. Says he will working a job with this Mr,Richards for United States Steel Corporation.There was a number at the bottom of his e-mail,447031833187. he also stated that he would have his connection here in the states send me a certified check...totally a scam here!!! thank god for some great neighbors I have whos' son is with Lawenforcement.
I just sent my dealing with him, I'm sorry I spelled the last name wrong,,he goes by Tony Scott,today anyway!!
Same here.  Quick response and googled his references.  This site posted.  Thanks.  I was a bit skeptical when he stated he had a financier in the states.He went by the name of Albert Keane and his "precious" family.
Got the same message as Rebecca. He wanted to rent our unit. This deal was too good to be true so it's not real. Hope somebody catches this freak.
I must have been optimistic about"ALBERT KEANE"  He sent me the exact same as email as rebecca.  I have been emailing back and forth and he has sent me a cashiers check from wachovia bank.  I have not been out any money to date.  The cashiers check is sitting at the bank waiting to be cleared.  What can I do to put a stop to this guy.  googled the reference and found this.
I just posted in craiglist for rental property. This sounded so good. I just responded to this guy and what made it weird that I got a responsed back quick. That made me google his so call company and this website came out, now that I'm reading the exact thing he wrote, this is a scam.. Thank you everyone here for posting everything this guy is doing. Like craiglist says be careful with those scams out there...

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