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I am currnetly overseas and have had a number of missed calls from this number, almost 2 or 3 times a week while I've been away. The most annoying thing is because of the time difference in Europe, it always calls between 2am-5am (I guess that is mid-afternoon in Australia) and it has woken me up, but stopped ringing before I could answer it. So now I sleep with my phone on silent.Also because my phone is on international roaming network, I pay for the privilage to receive these annoying wake up calls! If it is NAB or some underhanded marketing exercise, I will be making some follow up enquiries with NAB when I return!
just got a call from this number but when i picked up all i got was 3 seconds of hold music and then the other side hung up. hope i don't get more calls from this number. great website btw
So this is whose been phoning everyday around noon for weeks now.  I hung up on him today, so he immediately phoned by mobile!  I'm reporting this to the NAB - and closing my NAB accounts, cause this is the last straw with them.
I got this num. calling me every day during day time.But i was working, so never answer it.Now thanks to u all, I will never answer it.
Just got a call from this number, Didnt answer thet didnt leave a message. Im supprised to see that this site exists :DThanks, now I know not to answer it :P
Just got a call from this number - picked it up and said hello a few times, but nobody said anything to me so I hung up. I can't believe there's a page devoted to this! I didn't think I'd find out who it was. Thanks guys you've solved my 10 minute mystery.
Yeah, I also receive a call from this number. I didnt pick it up as my phone was far away me. then when I rang back, it's about NAB product and services was prompted automatically from an answer machine.
I got a call from this thing today at work and on my mobile. I'm pretty pissed off about the work call. It's either the NAB selling credit insurance through a third party agent or some kind of scam. If you get these calls report the agent to NAB, they are being completely idiotic with the info NAB has given them as leads. Anyway I hope I don't keep getting bothered by this number as I am on my mobile all day and it's pretty inconvenient.
this number has called me a few times. i didn't recognise it, so didn't pick up. no message left, so i haven't called back. what's with this?!
i had that number try and ring me also. first attempt on saturday, twice today and just a moment ago. i tried to answer but they hung up too..
I have received this number again, and have had received it a number of times before but do not answer.
Yep received a call from this number, then their end rang, they picked up and then hung up! how rude!
got another call.i use to be a customer...i told him i was too busy and was at work"oh i know cos i am also at work it is a mad monday " who gives a stuff i thoughtand i proceeded to hang rude.
I've had this number ring me every week the last few weeks but im always at work when they ring so i miss the call.
When they rang all I got was music briefly and then nothing as well - this has happened numerous times, maybe 8? They even rang my partner's mobile. Very frustrating when I have to get down from a ladder to answer the phone!
are you a customer?i just got this called too...i said i am at workand he continued to say is this a bad time?ummm yes i am at work!
Please stop calling me. I have received calls on my work and mobile phone numbers.
I also got a call from this number but they didn't leave a message so i just ignored it! But glad I googled the number to try and work out if i knew the person!!!  I just got the call about 10 mins ago, 6.20pm on May 29
I rang back this number and it was from the NAB saying that they called you concerning products and services. I rang from a caller id blocked mobile.When they rang all I got was music briefly and then nothing. I think that it is extremely rude and a little off putting, you could think that it was a prank call
About 2 nights ago, at aprox. 10pm i received a phone call from 03-83304691, the guy on the phone said my name and then he said he knew everything about me, then said good night. I tried to get him to explain where he was calling from, and he just hanged up. Could anyone please help me???

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