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Just got a missed call from this number and found this blog. What a bunch of w**kers. If I get another one and get someone on the other end I'm gonna abuse them.How dare they pull this Sh*t?! Telstra can suck it.
This is a known scam, and it costs you PLENTY to call this number. It's a Emast-satellite number, and you are charged pr. minute, so 1 second is charged a minute, 61 sconds is 2 minutes a.s.o. Don't answer, and don't call back. Report it to your local phonecompany.
Yes, it is a salesforce rep working on behalf of telstra they are telemarketers and are trying to sell you stuff when you answer you may be on hold because the rep or not dialing you number a computer dials every one which is auto it will place you on hold because the comp as dialed the number but there is no 1 to take it....that y ur on hold.  and no u will not get charged for the call the reason is rings is because there is a rep available now so it tranfers the call to them. dont stress if you wish not to get these call no longer, register your detail on the do not call register and also contact telstra and ask for you details to be removed from there marketing list.
I had two missed calls. I didn't reaslise it was an epidemic!
they just keep calling me what is it about? what do they want it is really annoying me and i doont like it does it cost when we pick up the call or anything cause i am warried about it?
same thing, they called me and there was hold music and hung up.  I called back from a land line and it said. thank you for calling telstra and enquiring about our products and then hung up.
Yeah ive been getting the same issue with Dave.  Ive been getting it for a year now but ive never been around to pick it up.  Once it left a long blank message on my voice mail.  Today I finally picked up, I said "hello?", on the other end, I heard a phone ringing (as you do when you call someone),  A girl picked up on the other end saying "hello?".  Assuming it might of been some joke, I quickly hung up.  I remember a few years back the Ugly Phil and Jackie O show on the radio used to do this as some practical joke but thats years ago.  Is there any idea if someone is behind this??
have had this happen to me 3 time in the one day ... when i Have answered it goes to  dial another number...i hang up straight away,, does any one know if this is costing us anthing by answering
After recieving as many as 8 calls and all repeatedly hanging up as soon as i answered within 2 weeks, finally found out is was a telstra rep.
I have the exact same problem! For the last week, they've been calling three times a day, every day! AGH! I told them I wasn't interested, but I don't think they heard me, because it was overly loud where I was, and now everytime I answer them (or don't answer them now, because i'm so annoyed I might yell at them) they say they're from Telstra, and AGH! I just want to be left alone! Also, very very angry that they just called again- and I was busy, so I pressed busy on my phone, and they just left a 180 second voice message on my phone, with just blank noise of someone typing on their computer rapidly. If that's their kind of joke, it's not funny. Luckily i'm with 3, and i can check my voicemail online for free, otherwise I'd probably make a complaint.
They actually say they are calling on behalf of telstra,And that is legally correct.
they rang once, but hwen i went to answer, it just playd music...what is the it from victoria???
I have been hammered from this number as well, thankfully I have always been too busy at work to stay and talk.i just had a 10 minute call from them, saying that his is from Telstra and wanted to offer a special telstra plan on the next g network, and should be able to beat my current provider. I told him that I am on vodaphone $17 deal (for 8 years now) where I get all this free talk time, text messages, and $17 worth of free calls. This normally scares legit phone companies off saying I'm on a pretty good deal. He came up with a $17.50 per month plan which includes a Nokia 6120 3g unlocked worth $500, and $30 worth of free calls, etc. Sounded good. He wanted my id, I then said how do I know you are from telstra, because of the cold call. He gave me a Representitive number and the Telstra 132200 number. And said he would call in 5 minutes, I told him 30 minutes. I rang the telstra number, and spoke to sales. they said that the rep number sounds right because it starts with a D, but there is no record of it internally. Telstra suggested that he is maybe a external rep who works for a shop????I haven't heard back from him.
He just called back and I told him that his Rep number didn't come up with Telstra. He said that was strange, and was working on behalf of Telstra. I got out of him that he works for Salesforce which is employeed by Telstra. Told him I had to go.
I just called Salesforce. They confirm that do work for Telstra. The number is Telephone: 1800 006 747, Facsimile: + 61 3 9287 9774. Just in case anyone wants to talk to them.So summing up. The group that is calling, and claiming to be FROM Telstra is not Telstra, but is SalesForce, which is basically an outsourcing company with the motto "Markets are conversations". It sounds like a very legit company, but I wonder whether it is legal to claim they are FROM telstra. ( are there any solictors out there?) I am gonna call Telstra now.
SAME HERE! they called me and it connected to some other random phone, the guy on the other side of the phone asked "who's this?" i ask them the same question, i asked "did you ring me?" he said "no, you rang me!" so i told him "sorry, bye" and hanged up, i get this same number the next day but no one talks no background sound nothing just silence and it went on for ages i held the phone waiting for 2mins then  i hanged up.Now i get this call each day and at different times of the day too.if someone founds out who this number is connected too please let me know at( thanks heaps everyone that participates.i tried calling my Phone company, i live in Australia and connected to Optus they say its not connect to anything and will block that number away from my phone, but i still get it each day.i then tried to call it through my home phone which is connected Telstra, it connected me with the opreator saying "Telstra has tried to contact you in regards to our product and services, thank you for calling *hangs up*"
There's another feed for this number under 03-8341-4900 with lots of other people who've had issues about being called by this number including me!
omgme too!
They keep calling me every day for the past couple of weeks,  I answered the first time and it started playing hold music so i hung up..I WISH THEY'D DO AWAY!
i got no idea who this mofo is.....

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