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"this is a summoning its no clue its a call to all arms join epwa " what the hell ??
I have gotten two texts from this number and both of them were just the #3  written over and over. ?? and they were at 11 at night and 2 in the morining. could this number be used by anyone to send texts? and why all the 3's?
I like to stop this number to stop sending SMS...
I like to stop this number to stop sending SMS...
I got TWO texts from "83960"The first one says: "Text: Hey Erica, get a Free $20 mobile bet this March Madness at  Download and claim your free bet now at [random web address]"So I was shocked to see this kind of blatant spam being sent to my phone, especially since I NEVER give my cell# online for ANYTHING.Well someone told me to text the word "STOP" in reply to "83960" so I did, and this was the text I got in reply to that:Text:  "Thanks for testing Clickatell's gateway coverage.  You will be able to change the content of your message after your initial purchase of message credits"So by this point I'm livid, and I'm like Who the [bleep] are these people and how have they hacked me and am I gonna get charged for something I don't even know what it is?Next few days, I start getting weird phone calls from really odd phone numbers, and they never left a message. First #:  12027477322Second #:  16032143342Third #:  17049701583I decided to call them back, two of which answered with recorded messages telling you to "press 1 if you want to be put on their 'no call' list" So of course you know I did!  So far so good... the third number I tried to call back was already disconnected just that fast.  So you know it was a scammer.Anyway, since I got the phone calls stopped I haven't received any more texts either.  I hope it stays that way, and I hope this info I have provided will help you or others get away from this junk.Thanks and be safe,Erica
Here is the main website for Clickatell where Caller ID 83960 is supposedly based out of.Report all your spam texts and phone calls to this website as soon as possible!Good luck!  Here's the site for the report form: use the drop down box in the center of the screen to report as "SPAM"
My mistake, in the drop down box, click "SUPPORT" and then you will have the option to mark it as "Spam."
when i went to recieve the message it said i was out of minutes. wich i am not out of minutes.
I got 2 blocked calls in a row and the then I got a text saying "SIR YOU NEED TO PICK UP UR PHONE RIGHT NOW ITS A INTERNATIONAL POLICE"from 839-60
Text received: "will: did you know you can earn free chips by playing other Zynga games? Todays featured game is Word Scramble! [URL]" (the URL began with "")
I got roughly the same thing Will did yesterday (March 9, 2009) at 10:57pm PST.This was the message:"Allen, Earn 5,000 free chips by playing other Zynga games! Today's featured game is Word Scramble.Download:"
After a bit of research, they are a company that makes games for social websites such as, Facebook, MySpace, etc.; they also make games for the iPhone and (possibly) other cell phones.I clicked on the URL that the text message provided to me and it opened up my iTunes and took me to a game that I could buy from them.They're home page is: perusing their website, I came across some articles in their support section entitled, "What is Zynga? Why are they charging me?" on this article itself, you may want to double-check your bank statements to make sure they're not charging your card without you knowing it.
TEXT RECEIVED: i saw you last night, might i say i was shocked by the way you looked.
found this 83960 on my cell bill when checking up on my old man ( previous problems with txting ex girlfriend) and was wondering if anyone knew wher it was from. I get 42278 when i get an alert on the weather on my cell so it must be a code for the sender. would love to know where it came from. please let me know??!!
spam i guess, it said: Saturday night was fun!  Send me an email when you can and let me know you got home safe! xo
got the same one!  SPAM
it was a party invitation to a spanish club or something. it was crude saying ladies go for free all night.
calling about the coffee
rude message sent to my phone
txt msg blank

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