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Ringing my phone every 2 hours and never leaving a message.  Returning the call just gives a recorded message directing me to Optus sales.  If this is legit, it's very unprofessional not to leave a voicemail identifying themselves - even if the return they leave is just a generic one.
Yes-calls everyday at least twice to four times.
no one answered..!
This really irrates me! My phone is for emergencies only, nobody ever calls the 'chat', so i have it on at work (i'm a teacher). This number has started ringing all the time - i don't answer but it's annoying having it ring while i teach. Next time i'll answer and tell them exactly what they can do with their calls!
scam- don't give out details
they just called but i missed ti recently transferred to optus post paid...i know not to answer now.thanks.
Yep, definitely the Optus Sales Team, from India most likely.See this Whirlpool forum post for more comments from others who have received calls from the number:[url][/url]
This number has recently started calling me daily - I've never answered as I thought it was the WSPA after more money (I already give to them but they do start calling sometimes to tell you awful stories about animals to try to get more contributions, exactly like this, just constant calls and no message).  Thanks for above comments, I won't answer it now for sure!
Same as all the above. They call at least 4 times a day for the last week. If it is a call centre etc, the number is blocked. The fact you get a number is really suspicious. They never leave a message but call again and again. Thanks for the heads up; confirms my initial suspicions.
Got a missed call, no msg left on voicemail. Thanks for the heads up, wont be answering if they call again.
Just got the call a couple of minutes ago.  Didn't answer because i thought it looked suss.  Just got signed up for the contract recently too.
Has called my mobile twice and not left any message. I have just changed over to an Optus contract so I'm assuming from the other comments here that it's a call centre. Next time I'll answer it and see!
Rang mobile @ 2.09pm today, no message left on voicemail.
DO NOT GIVE YOUR DETAILS! SCAM! They are posing as optus trying to get your personal details. Do not give them any information.
Calls but does not leave a message on my message bank.
Calls but does not leave a message on my message bank.
I answered this number and it was a lady apprently from Optus Customer service who wanted to check my account details. She knew my address already, but then tried to ask for my date of birth etc. which i refused to give. She got upset when i didn't give her the details!! Yes it does sound like call centre in the Phillipines...
(08) 84626444 in Australia is Optus sales.  At least when I answered.  It's sounds like a call centre in the Phillipines.  Just selling the standard crappy offers from their website.  No loss if you don't answer...
no answer
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