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I just started getting these calls today.If this is a scam, how do you report it and to who? I am out of NJ if that helps
I just posted a mintute ago. I called the real chase. I gave them that number.. THey put me on hold, dialed it and came back and told me it is real.I am current and told them to stop calling me and take me off their list.SO hopefully it stops
They're at it again.  I just got a call on my cell from 1-847-488-3003 looking for someone else with the same last name as me.  I get these about once every couple years.  I think they must have me mixed up with someone with the same last name and an ss# that is a couple digits off my own.  I told her there wasn't anyone here by that name and she read me off my phone number to confirm that was the number she was calling.  I told her it was my number, how long I'd had it, and what my name was.  I also told her to please remove me from her "list".  I did block list the number again!  She never even told me who was calling before I hung up.  Before I let her go I should have told her I was the Assistant Attorney General for my state and listened for how far her foot was going down her throat.
George May cold calling.
We had the same thing - his name was Eugene and would not state the purpose of the call.  He said he would call back later after being denied access to our CEO.
I have received 9 calls from this so called Chase number.  When I called back, it says, thank you for calling Chase card services, please enter your 16 digit number.  The card number on the back of my Chase card is not a 847 number (I live in the Chicago area, 847 is a local area code).  I just find it odd and will be walking into a local branch.
Left a card services....however, I don't have any accounts. They were calling for my husband on MY cell phone.
This number calls at all hours of the day and week. No ans. Stop the harrassment
Called today 2/26/10 and asked for Owner, I told him what is regarding and he ask if I'm owner, I said again what is the purpose of call... then he said "Just answer YES or NO".. I just hung up.
This company calls constantly and each person who calls asks for the former president who retired 10 years ago. I have repeatedly told them to stop calling, and have reported them to the Do Not Call list a number of times, although I realize that that service is useless. We do not appreciate being harrassed by this company, but they are relentless.
I have been receiving calls from 847-488-3003 for two weeks now. They called up asking for Jackie S****** who used to be my girlfriend, and left several messages on my answering machine. The lady with an Indian accent was very hard to understand, but said she was with Chase Bank and told me to call 888-293-5321. However, here is where the mystery deepens.I talked to Jackie at her house in Idaho, and she doesn't have a Chase Charge Card, and never has. However, she is behind on her Sears Citibank Card, since she lost her job. Interestingly enough, three hours earlier, I received a phone call from 866-749-7275, with the same woman from India asking for Jackie. This number belongs to GC Services, LP., which is a debt collection agency from Elgin, Illinois. Spoofing mystery solved!
I got this call at 829 this AM on my cell phone. Didn't pick up and then found this site. Not cool. I'm going to continue research and report.
I got this call before 8am today.  My caller ID said "Chase USA".  I have never seen a number that began 847.  Is this even a number from the continental United States?  If I don't know it, then I don't answer it.
woman called asking to speak to owner, told her owner is not here.  She then said some BS that she previously spoke to the owner, not true its me.  She said she could help our company make money. I said no-thank-you, and hung up.  She continued to call back 5 times. She was very rude. I finally said you should be used to rejection with a phone solicitation career.
I received a call from a woman at this number, asking to speak with the former Owner, who retired nearly 10 years ago. When I told her this, she asked to speak with "another owner." I had to ask twice what the purpose of the call was before she reponded "It's about a follow-up business meeting..." and continued to speak. I interrupted her with "We're not interested." and hung up. (How could it be a follow-up meeting if you don't even know who you're calling?) The phone immediately rang again and this same number showed up on the caller ID - I did not answer it. I've asked them in the past to stop calling us. I guess they waited a few months and started calling again.
Received many calls from this number asking for the owner. When advised the owner is not available the caller says, "I'll call back" and then promptly hangs up.  I *69'd to get their number and called them back.  I was told they are a management consultant firm.  Asked that our number be put on their no call list - we'll see how that works!  These calls are very annoying and we would not ever do business with a company that makes random cold calls.
This is a scam! A bank will NEVER call and ask for your account information! Seriously, they are phishing for account information. Call your local Attorney General's office if they call you and claim to be Chase. I talked to my local branch - it's NOT CHASE!!!I called the scammers back after I reported them to the Ohio Attorney General and told them if they EVER call me back, I will pursue further action (which I might do any how). The woman said "Yes, Sir" meekly and hung up.
They keep calling me it is a scam??
Our switchboard has received numerous calls from this firm. Appears to be some type of Professional Business Assessment firm. They will continue to call regardless of you or your staff asking them not to.Seems they have a high turn over.Only can suggest call block on this number or set your caller ID System to your answering machine ( server - IT Unit ) to be automatic to the answering unit for all unknown ID's (ie; unknown - out of area - all zero's - all same number such as all one's etc.)By doing this here at our office, keeps these and others from taking up your time with BS calls. If the caller is someone we wish to speak with, they will leave a message and we can return the call. If didn't want to speak with them anyhow.  Right?
a woman called and asked for the owner (pronounced his full name and incorrectly). when i told her he wasnt available, she said she'd call back later.

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