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how do you address the problem??? you call them back and see what they wanted. if you don't owe anyone it's probably a wrong number. if you do owe someone then you will probably be glad they saved you from having it reported on your credit file.
I guess they are still at it because I got a call just yesterday to call 850-434-3118. I was not at home so they left a recording on my answer machine asking me to call this #. They did not leave a name, just there #. I do not owe any bills and I they didn't leave any info as to why I was to call them. It sounded really weird so I looked up the # and found this site. Some how, some one needs to get this resolved. So how do we address this problem?
Missed phone call from 8520-434-3118, didn't answer because I didn't recognize it, and they didn't leave a voicemail. When I looked up the number, I found this website about the number being a fraudulent Collections Agency... let's put this to a stop.
you people kill me. you owe money. until you pay it, you deserve to be harassed.
they called me and left a message, i called back and talked to lisa who was very helpful. all she asked is what number they had called because i blocked my number when i called them back. after i gave it to her she pulled up my account which has given me problems for years on my credit and was able to get it reduced and set up on monthly payment i could afford....not sure about other agencies but this one gave me no problem at all. or maybe i'm a little more professional than people dodging their debts....i am glad to finally have the bill paid and my credit rating back up!!!
be careful there are also calling from 850-202-0113 number and calling your jobs if they have your number, asking if you want to settle with them or make payment arrangments with them.
Just got a call from 8504343118. Voice said 'Hey this is Amy, trying to reach -then a computer voice said my name- then, 'please call me back...'
i go the same call just a couple of minutes ago but no one answered when i called back. the message asked me to call between 8 am and 7 pm and ask for ms vick. but after reading what everyone else has wrote about them i dont think im going to call back.
In short:  A collections agency widely used for medical collecitons in the local Pensacola, FL area.More:  They are a collection agency that have gone by multiple names, I am not sure why (I would guess company changes rather than just trying to be evasive).  They have identified themselves as "Account Management Services" and "CSI."  As a response to "Annnony" above, CSI stands for "Collection Services Inc."  I know this because I also have received a paper bill from them.  Their automated system is very poor.  As many have mentioned, it does not work well with any modern voicemail system.  The message is always cut off at the beginning and/or end and you rarely get a complete message, if you get one at all.  I have spoken to two different representatives and they seem like typical collections agents to me.  They want all the money in the next 35 seconds or they will ruin your credit.  They are completely unwilling to work out any sort of payment plan and they expect everyone to have thousands of dollars in cash lying around waiting for their call.  I have no problem paying for medical services that I received, but I will not work with companies like this as a matter or principle.
I called and asked who the company was and the named person. Lisa that I was speaking with kept asking me the same questions I was asking her so I just told her I wasent going to play her games and hung up. Just dont answer you pone when they call.
this is most likley a collection agency for hospital bills
Called me several times.  I was never home.  Finally called back.  They were looking for Randy Driver.  I have no idea who that is.  This has been my telephone number for nearly 8 years.  They said they would remove my number.  We'll see if I stop getting calls...
i have had literaly dozens of calls without any message except one. i was to call amanda but got a very rude lisa instead. i really don't need these calls.  i do not know if this is a company or a nutcase calling.  i think you can get call block thru the phone company forthese kinds of calls.
Myself and my best friend keep getting called from them MULTI. times a day, from what I can tell from calling it's probably a medical bill collecting company. I do know after calling back they go by "CSI" but don't you DARE ask them what that means because you will NOT get an answer... I will NOT answer the phone for them and I have disabled my voice mail and to the person who keeps getting the calls from "Amanda", trust me, you don't want to speak with her... I called back and actually got Amanda and the freakin' *itch had the nerve to hang up on me because I told her that I had asked her FIVE times what company I was calling because I wanted to know who the heck was calling me and she had BETTER answer me or we were going to have problems...In any event, I called back again and got hung up on a second time after that woman REFUSED to let me speak with a manager... so my issues here is that if you want your freakin' money I need to know what the bill is and what it's for, also, if you want your money you probably won't do something stupid like hang up on someone... Florida statute of limitations for Public Records/Medical bills is 5 years... so I'll wait just as long as I have to...
Phoned numerous times and Says it is Amanda and to return call.
I got a call on my cell earlier today, but wasn't around to take the call. Of course, no message. I've received the same calls at home... I don't answer calls that I don't recognize.
I had the same thing happen with my cell phone.  Well I called back on my home phone and they asked what number I was called from ... obviously they organize their accounts by the number.  Well we verified my cell number and then they asked for a completely different name... no where close to mine.  Don't know if that makes them reputable or not but struck me as REALLY wierd.  Oh and "Ms. Vick" wasn't available........
I kept getting missed calls from this number, but I've never had a voicemail.Is this a reputable collection agency?? I can't think of what they would be calling me for!
It is a company called Accounts Management Services, at 116 South Baylen Street in Pensacola. They are a collection agency.
Caller said "please contact Ms. Vick at 850-434-3118 between the hours of 8am and 6pm and refer to number..." The message stops before she gives the number to refer to. I just assumed it was a collection agency.

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