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Didn't recieve any calls but got the scam letter from Mr Andrew Chan fax number the same
I received a letter this morning from Andrew Chan SHK Financial Management.... blah blah blah. $15,500,000.00 in a domiciliary account and willing to part with 30% with me. Def a scam and Im wondering why he's not be caught yet! Second class stamp but cant make out the area stamp. Mount something.
Looks like they're upping their game: postage is first class (with UK "smartstamp"). "Andrew Chan", again, but letter otherwise identical to the David Song letter.
Ring the number 08700008697 and follow the instructions to unsubscribe, you also have the option of speaking to a member of customer services. Hope this helps someone.
Offer of 5 free eurolines
Received this letter also today,  South London 2nd class stamp from dear old Andrew Chan... again looking to help me claim 30% of 15.5mUS$.
Yes I got this too from Mr well as other telephone calls, e-mails and post proclaiming cars I have won, holidays I have won, people with similar lost fortunes in Nigeria and Russia, I'd be very rich if I wasn't too lazy to respond.
have had two texts from this number today,was very wary so i put the number into google search.glad i did.
I have received 4 texts in total this month, all beginning 'FreeMsg' currently trying to check my phone bill with o2 to see if I have in fact been charged for these messages, as my phone bill is £7 higher than usual. The texts also show the number 08700008697 which I will be putting on here tooI just replied STOP as suggested above and received 2 messages back:- There are no active services for this Mobile number- You have been unsubscribed from any further marketing messages
Have just had a letter from Andrew Chan with all the same info re sharing an inheritance.  Checked SHK and this time Andrew Chan does exist in SHK Financial. So he's getting cleverer!!  Thinks by using a real name we'll all fall for it. He quotes this tel no as a contact as well as the fax no 0852 3015 8559
I also received today a letter re: sharing an inheritance of $15 million!! USfrom Andrew Chan. This is surely a scam people should not respond.
they hav just added £16 to my mobile bill,why and can they get away with this? not happy at all.
Got sucked into this rip-off. I have sent 'Stop' and 'Stop All' to 85200. Waiting to see if it has any effect. My Provider T-Mobile seems to be aware of this 'scam' and has credited my account with a token amount.
been getting continuous EURO LOTTO number text messages coming through, i've been ignoring them. just found out it's been costing me £3.80 per message for the last 2 months mounting up to over £32 and I havn't signed up to anything. To say i'm Peeved is an understatement. SCAMMERS!!!!!! Been advised by Vodafone to text a reply STOP lets hope this works!
My elderly father received a letter from someone called Andrew Chan who claims he is an auditor for SHK Financial Management Ltd., Hong Kong.  The letter says that he has discovered a floating domiciliary account for a very large amount of $US in the name of a deceased relative of my father. The deceased had not made a Will and has no living relatives.  I opened the letter and was immediately suspicious of its content.  As a result, I looked on SHK website only to find that there is a scam operating by previously a person known as David Song.  Thankfully I did not contact him, but the telephone number & fax number is the same.
27 March 2010 - have just received an identical letter with the same phone number, but also a Fax +85230158559 and an email address - December 2008Information provider    Marketing Craze LimitedService provider    Wireless Information Network LtdInformation provider location     LondonService provider location     High WycombeTelephone network     All mobile networksService type     Mobile SMSCost     85200 - £4.50 per week, 88222 - £1.50 per weekNumber of complaints     142Source of complaint     PublicFine     25000Sanction     A formal reprimand, the information provider to seek and implement compliance advice in respect of a wide range of issues in relation to the serviceThe day to day running of the service (‘LottobyText’) was conducted by Marketing Craze Limited (‘the information provider”) which was contracted to the service provider.  The syndicate service was provided by one company, Txtlotto Limited ... g+Craze+LimitedThis as been going on for years!All of you should stop bleating like sheep and start complaining to these useless bastards who call themselves Regulators. Phonepayplus your networks are debiting your accounts for these crooks and take 50% of the revenue before passing the rest that why Ofcom(and Phonepayplus) are turning a blind eye
I was charged £15.32 for 4 text in March and 3 text in February for £11.49.On the 8th Feb. they sent me a text that I would get 5 free lottery lines for next draw, so I repliede to it but did not follow up any claim. I only just realised they have been charging me the mentioned amount without any notice given to me or any term and conditions provided explaining the charging structure. This I believe amounts to obtaining money by deception.
It appears David Song is no longer handling this. My letter is from Andrew Chan
This service is a f***ing joke I have asked to unsuscribe a zillion times and they haven't let me I'd love to actually speak to one of the people behind this horrific money-grabbing flakey and false scheme.

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