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- Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner.
- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

Same GLO prize as others have indicated - clearly some sort of scam.Totally unwanted
Got the same message,I wish!!!!! Would be nice if it was for real,but I wasnt so stupid.Yes they are a**holes that have nothing better to do,wasnt suprised to see this site.
Catch these people!
so totally bogus ,not that stupid .
got the same sh#* joke. every dog has its day so Dr Ben watch out as i am a real nasty bi"#+, believe me! You are such an ar.. hole.
ha ha what a joke i was just aboat sucked in until i found this site. i live on a fram with little money. when i receved the text message i felt a lift of joy but now i am pissed off big time. dr ben i have a prize 4 you my fist in your face if i ever find you.     sicko
you ve won $125,000 in the 2009 GLO mobile draw with ref LZ/04 send DR Ben ur win. mobile & ref number to for procession tel 6680928596
what a joke... whats the point... bloody low lifes!!i would love to no who they r...
youve won 125,000 in the 2009 glo moblie draw with ref LZ/04 send to dr ben ur .win moblie and ref number tel
yeah got sucked in aswell, what a horrible joke to play on pplespecially for ppl who are strugglers, not nice at all.
Received a call re winning $125,000. Why don't these losers get real jobs instead wasting our time. Grow up F*#% heads. Think of something original for gods sake.
Got a txt message from +856207341778 - Youve won $125,000 in the 2009 GLO mobile draw with ref:LZ/04 Contact Dr Ben with your win. mobile & ref number to for procession Tel. +66809280596
bank error in your favour 125,000
why am I not if!  Mind you I was stupid enough to email and tell "Dr Ben" that I thought he was a scammer!!!
did an internet search on - 66809280596...and voila...SAVE 60% OFF RETAIL PRICE (Ends Today)V.I.P. Premium Database Access $99.95  $39.95  *Best Value Lifetime Unlimited Database AccessPlus  Free Unlimited UpgradesPlus Free Online Support ( 7 days a week )One Time Billing (NO RECURRING FEES)The Best Value!
ignore my last message....number still a mystery...sorry folks
Got a txt message from +856207317448 - Youve won $125,000 in the 2009 GLO mobile draw with ref:LZ/04 Contact Dr Ben with your win & ref. no. on for procession Tel. +66809280596How Rude! I only 'won' $125,000...seriously are ppl still that stupid?
what a joke!!! who would honestly believe that crap for one second??? i laughed when i just received it and deleted it!
got sucked in too.glad i found this site while checking out glo.

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