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Spanish speakinf
My husband got a call from this number and then 2 hrs. later I did on my phone. We didn't get either call, and they did not leave a message. We tried calling back, and it just went to a busy signal.
Got a call and they didn't leave a message.  Looks like they called everyone under the sun today around the same time I have seen several posts.
they called, i didn't answer. no message
just rcvd one too...11:20 EST. My number is not listed, supposedly. Same thing happened here; loud background noise then lady speaking spanish. STOP CALLING ME
Just called me... a cash register noise, then some spanish....
same here,, noise and then recorded hispanic babbling ,, hung up on it.
I've received a call from this number a few times...I answered it one time and immediately hung up as I do not know Spanish.  Going to try and block it.
Call from this number on my cell.
I have received several calls from this number over the last several months.  Yes, the message is in Spanish and i have no idea what they are saying.  This should be investigated and stopped as this is clearly phone spam.
Same deal, cash register sound and spanish babbling then silence. Worthless
Was called on my cell phone. They left a message, my bilingual friend translated it. Supposedly I won a $1000 and I should press 1 to claim the prize. Another scam. Wish I knew how they got my number.
just got a call
this is the second time I've had a call from this #.  It sounds like a business as this time there was a cashrgister ring up of some sort and then a person came on the phone speaking spanish. I do not speak spanish and they justput the phone down or something as it did not disconnect just silent.  I hung up.
spanish speakers always calling interrupting me
Received a call from   859-671-8989 on my cell phone , and looked up via google and it directed me to the UPS Tracking Number Look up page.
Got a call tonight probably first of many caller ID just says Kentucky no message was left
If you want them to stop calling, answer the phone & tell them you're not's only market research...jeeze.
Employment Info:SIRS, Inc. (Field and Qualitative Office)201 Martha Layne Collins BlvdHighland Heights, KY 41076859-331-9707 phone859-781-0554 (Interviewers) (Other Employment Positions)
Of Late, at least twice today, Saturday, 9/5/09 and for the past two weeks have received theses calls from SIRS 859-331-9707.  NO MESSAGE IS LEFT ON VOICE MAIL. These Calls are UNWANTED. I WOULD LIKE TO FIND A WAY TO HAVE THEM STOP CALLING MY NUMBER.

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