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Debt Consolidation? Caller Identification: Blue Pay
Wanted to know who owns this number.
Called, LVM offering to save my mortgage from foreclosure (asif)Filed an FCC complaint as follows:Submission Confirmation: 1088GAcknowledgment & Fax Cover sheet to submit additional information.Filing for: Sorrel Jakins has been received by the FCC. Thanks for your information. When inquiring about your complaint, be sure to reference this number: 09-T00438562  and, be sure to mention that you filed this complaint over the internet.Use this page as a Fax Cover Sheet when faxing additional details to the FCC.Fax Number (866) 418-0232Date:     Wed Sep 16 13:47:20 EDT 2009To:     Federal Communications CommissionFrom:     Sorrel JakinsTotal Number of Pages:     ______Subject:     09-T00438562 (Form1088 Filed Via The Internet)Address: 2226 ITB  Provo, UT 84602Carrier/Company Name(s): Brigham Young University
This number calls my cell at least a couple times a week. For me, however, it's an automated voice that introduces itself (using my first name!) and says it will be in my area installing security systems or satellite TV. Sometimes it will give an option of opting out of their call list.
It's some automated telemarketing. My call was for a home security system.
They called me just now so I sent it to my voicemail. Some lady (may or may not have been a recording it was tough to tell) left a message. Basically she was talking about the fact that my Toyota warranty has expired and was offering a service to extend the warranty and crap.Don't answer it and/or don't give them your business.
Received similar call from same number, same experience as other callers.  Have filed a complaint for violation of DoNotCall with
called ,left no messages
no message. Called back and robot asked me if i wanted my name off the calling list? wtf??is it some type of collection agency?
They left no message and when I called back all I got was "if you would like to be removed from our mailing list press 1"
They call and when I pick up no one answers and they hang up.
Press 1 when you call back to be removed from the call list. it's a recording, no one picks up.
I have gotten several calls from this number on my cell.  I never answer, they never leave a message.  Vey annoying!
I just got a call from this number, and saying press 1 "if you want to remove from the list", but when i listen more, it was asking like sth "lower ur credit card rate".  I just hang it up, so afraid, what will they do~~  those ppl are CRAZY~~
They have called several times on my cell phone, I just hit ignore.
They called me too - but I can assure you that other than the prepaid cell company, absolutely no one has my cell number - it is unlisted, period.  It had to be a random dialing machine calling this number.  I did not answer - I never answer numbers from unkown callers anymore - if they wanted to talk to me badly enough, they could and would leave a message.  Also I have zero bad debt, so I can assure those that are concerned about it that this is not a collection agency.  I have had this number for over a year - I guess it is remotely possible that someone who had it before me could have had a debt collection problem, but it is not likely.  I think it is a random dialing robot - perhaps one programmed to just find active cell numbers and sell them to calling companies soliciting new business.  I would recommend never answering, and if you call back, call back from a commercial pay phone - blocking your number may not work, since there now are devices out there that will even display blocked phone numbers, so I think a commercial coin operated phone is the only way to even consider returning a call to these creeps.
No Message.Somewhere in CT.
called me on my work phone...when I said hello, they just hung up.
hung up when I said hello
calls 3 times  a day when you remove you #

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