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pleas STOP THE call s an text s an dont charge me
I got the same exact thing. I sent "stop" and "do not message me" but it told me I hadn't been registered for hot-hot-news program. Hopefully it hasn't charged me at all.
Thats how they do it you look up a show time and get nailed for something you did not want. Sneaky! The phone # is 1 888 734 2560 The address is 626 C Admiral drive # 206 Annapolis MD 21401. I filed a report with the BBB today suggest you do the same. You can also type stop 86234.
All i wanted was to get a showtime. In the beginning there was nothing that indicated that i would be subscribing to get info on my phone. I didn't realize that until i got a text message informing me that i would be getting new for 9.99/ month. I immediately went to the web and typed in hot hot news and found this site. I replied back "stop" and received a text that i was unsubscribed. Let see with my next cell bill. I saved the text back just in case i have to go Judge Mathis on somebody.
I do not know who is calling.  I have text the message "STOP"but to no avail.  This information was not requested and is in my opinion useless gibber-jabber nor can I get a reason from  Verizon why they are allowing them to charge me $9.99 a month
please stop the calls an messages an please take me off your list . do not bill me any charge . thank you
do not call this phone again
recieved msg on my cell phone from Info Alerts.    This message tells me they will be sending me news at fingertips for 9.99 per month.   It was added to my t-mobile bill as a download, which I did not want or actually download.   I sent a text from my phone back telling them I did not want service and to not bill me.  I recieved instant reply, stating they would not bill me further.What is this and how did this happen.  I do have this charge on my bill.Phone number appearing on my phone message is:   1-888-734-2560.
Type into WebsiteReceive Answers instantly w/Hot-hot--NewsMonthly 9.99 info @ Ur Fingertips
Type into WebsiteReceive Answers instantly w/Hot-hot--NewsMonthly 9.99 info @ Ur Fingertips
Type into WebsiteReceive Answers instantly w/Hot-hot--NewsMonthly 9.99 info @ Ur Fingertips
Please quit sending me these messages, and don't bill my phone $9.99. I did not request this service, so don't bill me. I don't know who you are, but I would greatly appreciate it. Thnx
Here is the text message I got:4523 = PasswordType into WebsiteReceive AnswersInstantly w/Hot-Hot-NewsMonthly 9. 99Info @ UrFingertipsQuick!Type Password onWebsite:4523
I got two text messages saying "wakeup" what is it and do i make it stop
I just got two messages saying wakeup as well... WTH man?!
I got the same message anyone know what it is?
I too got the 86235 "wake up" text. If they do it again, I may turn it in to the police as crack calling which is a crime in my state.
It's called phone harassment where I'm from
add me to the the same text...twice

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