AntiCall is a user created reverse phone directory where you can:
- Lookup reverse phone numbers to find out who is calling you.
- Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner.
- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

it is Carolina First
I need to know the person and purpose of the call.
Called me, didn't pick up.  Didn't leave me a message.
automated spanish language message
Called me as well... did not answer. No voice message as well.
Automated Spanish message. Didn't bother calling back.
Yes I received a call from this number too.  I did pick up and I noticed that they didn't leave a vm as well..
Getting sick of this
Just got a call from this number. Didn't answer because i'm at work. Didn't leave a voicemail.
Just called me...Some spanish people.They call me all the time.
Did not answer since number is not one I recognize.No message was left.
yo--weird spanish message from the devil--no person
Yes, same thing.  They called me at 3:34PM EST.  A wild call of jibberish Spanish or Portugese, not sure which; I tried to engage them but it was fruitless.
How to get rid of these calls?
Just called me a minute ago. I answered, it's an automated spanish message.  Tried calling it right back and said the number was disconnected or no longer in service. I find that interesting since I just recieved a call from it. I've been getting a lot of these kinds of calls lately. Would really like a way to stop them.
They called me today too, at 3:26 EST.  I did not pick up because I did not recognize the number.  I would like to know why they are calling me because this was my cell phone number and it is on the Do Not Call list....
called while at work, its either the devil, or wildly spanish or portugese folks are calling me, like reported below. "my name peggy".
Just got a call on my cell as well. Didn't pick up and left no voicemail.
Me too!
Did not answer, no messae left

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